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                              How to count views on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?

                              Nowadays we are all active users on at least one of the aforementioned platforms, and checking the number of views has become an exciting routine. You’ve just dropped another post or video and already can’t wait to see how people react. But sometimes you may be distracted or even disappointed by the difference between views […]

                              How to optimize your Youtube video channel to make it look top-notch

                              We live in times of YouTube. Actually, we live in the era of video, but since YouTube is the first platform that is strongly associated in our minds with video, therefore… Well, you get that. In this regard making your channel on YouTube good-looking is the first thing you have to consider. And we are […]

                              25 ways to promote the YouTube channel

                              Over 25 million YouTube channels are out there. You would think it is too much even to plan on looking for an audience where already is so much done. However, two billion people watch videos on the platform every single day. They explore new channels, videos and even learn about products they want to buy […]

                              Video Formats: How to choose the right format when publishing your video to Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and other social media

                              Video marketing tends to change quite often these days. Lots of these changes are taking place unexpectedly, making brands to keep up with them. In regards to this, we should say that when something is altering its look in the marketing, it certainly makes viewers’ experience more vivid. As video increases in popularity along with […]

                              What are the best types of content for YouTube brand channel?

                              YouTube has become a fruitful field where a viewer can find any content. If you are only starting your journey with a brand channel, you will encounter an extraordinary number of possibilities, as well as obstacles and requirements. There is no advantage in doubling content you already made and placing it on YouTube. We are […]

                              What YouTube is silent about: how to build a great channel keeping in mind the algorithm

                              You can hardly find a person or internet user who hasn’t heard about super successful YouTube channels. Outside this area, it all sounds like many happy coincidence, a matter of luck and so on. Partly it is true: lots of YouTube videos become viral by pure luck.  If you are a marketer or maybe you […]

                              7 working tactics how to promote the YouTube channel

                              Promoting your YouTube channel is an excellent way to tell about your brand on the most popular video platform in the world. It’s the best time to think about your promoting campaign because Internet viewers today use YouTube almost as often as Google. To promote a brand channel is to win your place in the […]

                              YouTube algorithm: how does it work and how to use it

                              YouTube is the world’s largest platform for video content. A wide range of content the platform is holding can satisfy any user’s requirement. While for the average internet user, YouTube may be something of a way to pass the time, for marketers, it’s a massive field to research, to create, and to learn. YouTube has […]

                              If Not YouTube, Then What? Great Analog Platforms That Are Right For Your Business

                              YouTube is a great platform, but there are plenty of other platforms where you can promote your business. We want to talk about some of the coolest ones we’ve found. Today, YouTube is still the most popular video platform. And it is quite justified. Existing since 2004, more than two billion users visit it monthly, […]

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