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Explainer videos are in high demand nowadays and so are the companies that produce them. Choosing an explainer video company focus on the following.

First, look at the quality of the videos they create. A good company will always have many works in its portfolio. Check if their videos have eye-catching graphics, appropriate sound effects, clear message. Have a look at their own explainer video.

Next step is to check the uniqueness of their video content. Make sure, that the explainer video company creates custom-made works and can turn your specific ideas into the reality. Beware of the company which works look pretty similar.

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Types and formats of animated explainer videos

A simple explainer video (or an animation made of templates) is a good way to present your startup or presentation. Here the graphics are simple but visually effective. This type of video can be done in a few weeks.

More difficult video works will involve handmade arts and will take up to a month to be created. They are usually used to present a particular service or product.

The custom explainer video is one of a kind. If other types of explainer videos can be created with pre-made animations, that one will be exceptional. Your idea or product will be presented through the fully custom-made animation with superb effects. Here the field of work can be really wide and take 1.5-2 months. If you want to get the maximum marketing benefit from your future video, it also must be a custom explainer video. It will target your audience and can increase the sales.

Styles of animated explainer videos

There are different styles in which animated explainer videos are created: 2D, motion graphics, video infographics, etc.

2D animation or a cartoon explainer is designed to describe how the company solves customer problems. The 2D video has almost no restrictions, for this, they are appreciated and used by a variety of enterprises.

Motion graphic is a kind of animated explainer videos, where graphic design elements come to life before the eyes of the viewer. It is designed to hook the audience with facts about the success of a particular business and to present the arrays of abstract information compactly.

Video Infographics is a style best used for 2D animation of numbers, graphs, captions and other things to demonstrate a variety of facts.

However, what is the best explainer video? Many men, many minds, and the opinions about the best explainer videos differ greatly. If you have a technically complex product or service, that cannot be described in a few words. You are a manufacturing organization, a pharmaceutical company, or maybe you have a non – state commercial fund, a startup, or even a completely innovative project – an explainer video is suitable for all these areas.

Video marketing is very helpful for promoting any business, service or product. One of the best ways to do so is through the animated explainers. In general, they have the following goals: to sell, to educate, to present and to inform.

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Explainer Video Pricing

All we know that explainer videos can make a huge boost to your business. If you have realized the need for such video, here comes the main question, “How much will I pay for that?”.

Explainer video pricing is not only the cost of production but also the price you pay to be confident in the future success of your video. It is crucial to choose the right studio so pay attention to the terms of their work. The pricing, schedule, the number of revisions must be transparent. In recent years, explainer videos became highly popular. Everybody knows about their marketing efficiency and positive impact on the development of your company or product etc.

The price of the whole set of work varies greatly, but there is something for your attention. First of all, the cost depends on the length of the video. Therefore, longer video projects will cost more, but at the same time, there are good discounts for them. For example, cost per second will be $50 for 10-second videos, whereas it can go down up to $15 per second for the 120-second videos.

You have to consider the explainer video as profitable investment. It will pay you back years after. But only the really good one will do this. The price of a high-quality piece of such content usually varies from $1000 to $3000 per 60 seconds.

In addition, do not forget about the importance of choosing the right video style, which may range from a simple, traditional format to fully customized approach. Be ready to pay far more for the latter, but don’t worry – an excellent explainer video is a great investment.


What is the price of animated explainer videos?

Animated video cost depends on the length and the style you choose. We offer you a number of options and packages that vary from 500 USD. Please check the details on the price page.

How long does it take to make an explainer video?

Creating an animated video is a creative process. However, we have defined clear and predictable stages – scriptwriting, storyboarding, creating arts and illustrations, animation. Every stage will take around 1 week for an average 60 seconds animation project. Whole time for a video production in our studio normally takes 4-5 weeks.

What is the best length for my animated video?

For most cases, best length of a video is 30, 60 or 90 seconds. Before starting a project, we try to understand your purposes and offer most appropriate video length. Therefore, it is always an individual solution.

What should I have to order a video?

To start we just ask to tell us the details of the project and to fill in the brief in order we could understand it better, find great references and start writing the script. We are happy to discuss your project via email, call or any other way what is convenient for you.

How many revisions can I do while creating an animated explainer video?

We allocate two rounds of revisions on every production stage to make our work efficient and match your deadline. If you require more precise and handcraft work on your project additional revisions are discussed individually. We are always open to creating the best we can deliver.

What if I don’t like the animation?

To be absolutely confident that you receive high quality script, concept art, illustrations and animation, we work stage by stage and move forward only if you are happy with the current arts. This system excludes any unpredictable situations for you. We definitely put all our creative energy to the project, but carefully approve all with you to remain on the same page with you.

Can I talk with an ant director about my project?

During the production process, you will have your personal dedicated project manager, who leads you from one stage to another and updates you whenever you want. However, in any situation you have the possibility to discuss particular details, scenes, characters, direction of your animated explainer video with our Art Director to find the best solution for your project.

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