Animated Explainer Video


What is the price of animated explainer videos?

Animated video cost depends on the length and the style you choose. We offer you a number of options and packages that vary from 500 USD. Please check the details on the price page.

How long does it take to make an explainer video?

Creating an animated video is a creative process. However, we have defined clear and predictable stages – scriptwriting, storyboarding, creating arts and illustrations, animation. Every stage will take around 1 week for an average 60 seconds animation project. Whole time for a video production in our studio normally takes 4-5 weeks.

What is the best length for my animated video?

For most cases, best length of a video is 30, 60 or 90 seconds. Before starting a project, we try to understand your purposes and offer most appropriate video length. Therefore, it is always an individual solution.

What should I have to order a video?

To start we just ask to tell us the details of the project and to fill in the brief in order we could understand it better, find great references and start writing the script. We are happy to discuss your project via email, call or any other way what is convenient for you.

How many revisions can I do while creating an animated explainer video?

We allocate two rounds of revisions on every production stage to make our work efficient and match your deadline. If you require more precise and handcraft work on your project additional revisions are discussed individually. We are always open to creating the best we can deliver.

What if I don’t like the animation?

To be absolutely confident that you receive high quality script, concept art, illustrations and animation, we work stage by stage and move forward only if you are happy with the current arts. This system excludes any unpredictable situations for you. We definitely put all our creative energy to the project, but carefully approve all with you to remain on the same page with you.

Can I talk with an ant director about my project?

During the production process, you will have your personal dedicated project manager, who leads you from one stage to another and updates you whenever you want. However, in any situation you have the possibility to discuss particular details, scenes, characters, direction of your animated explainer video with our Art Director to find the best solution for your project.

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