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A process of creating an animated video: stages

Reading time 10 min

A process of creating an animated video: stages Animation and its marketing advantages Imagine that you are watching a marvelous animated video. It grabs your attention at once, makes you feel interested not only in the subject, but drives your curiosity even further away. It makes you wonder – how to achieve such an emotional […]

Why Animated Videos Don’t Work

Reading time 5 min

Why Animated Videos Don’t Work You know that videos get better attention, so you decided to invest in animated videos that explain your complex products or services, but it’s only a part of the story. You were dreaming of getting huge benefits for your business through video conversion, but the time has passed, and you […]

How to Choose the Right Animation Studio

Reading time 5 min

How to Choose the Right Animation Studio Looking to create an animated explainer video for your startup? It’s a great way to get your company or product on the map.  It’s also a chance to make a good first impression on potential customers and give your audience all the information they need. Animated videos allow […]

7 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

Reading time 10 min

7 Video Marketing Trends in 2021 Due to the global pandemic 2020, businesses of all sizes moved online more than ever in an effort to adapt to the “new normal”. Current trends show that video marketing is becoming one of the most important and fastest growing trends in online marketing, and it is a standout […]

2D animation vs 3D animation

Reading time 10 min

2D animation vs 3D animation What are the first thoughts that appear in your mind when you hear Animation? We tend to perceive the term “animation” as a method through which are creating cartoons like Walt Disney, Pixar, etc, isn’t it? Although, for real 2D animation mostly is used for the creation of cartoons, but […]

Top 10 animation studios 2020

Reading time 10 min

Top 10 animation studios 2020 It is known that animation is a way through which figures are manipulated to come out as moving images.  Consequently, an animation studio is a sanctuary where passes the process of producing animated media. In order to launch a great product that will be able to catch people’s attention it […]

10 best Animated Explainer Companies Overview

Reading time 30 min

The digital world is always increasing. This fact inspires and stimulates small and big businesses to use video marketing to explain and to present their message to a targeted audience. How about this fact: did you know that video is expected to comprise 80% of web traffic by 2021? These numbers are huge and their […]

How important the voice over in marketing videos?

Reading time 14 min

Imagine two explainer videos: both very well crafted, with sophisticated narratives, exceptional characters and creative use of colors. Both are perfectly capable of delivering the message they intended to. Now, imagine that one of them is voiceless – in a very literal way. The one does not have a voice-over, and the only way to […]

What are the best types of content for YouTube brand channel?

Reading time 12 min

YouTube has become a fruitful field where a viewer can find any content. If you are only starting your journey with a brand channel, you will encounter an extraordinary number of possibilities, as well as obstacles and requirements. There is no advantage in doubling content you already made and placing it on YouTube. We are […]

How to write a video script: step-by-step guide

Reading time 11 min

For starters, what is a video script? It is a chronology, index of the video scenes, conversations and all the actions that will take place in your video. Most marketing projects require a script as the foundation for the narrative. You can’t build a great video without a proper plan. To move forward, you have […]

Why you should use instagram stories as a marketing tool?

Reading time 14 min

Instagram clearly emphasizes something that we already knew well about our time: visual information matters more than any other. Monthly, a billion users post pictures, stories, IGTV videos, go on live and scroll the feed. From a simple app where people can share personal photos or make pictures, Instagram has changed to an important marketing […]

Animated video formats and types what formats should you have for 360 degree marketing campaign

Reading time 11 min

Video has long been an integral part of our lives. Today, our customers order all kinds of video formats for the Internet and cities. How to choose your format? In this article, we will tell you about the most popular video formats so that you can choose the most suitable for you. Full HD Video […]

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