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6 Smart Questions to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company

Reading time 7 min

6 Smart Questions to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company The statistics claim that 2020 internet video traffic will count 80% of all consumer traffic. The numbers are growing rapidly and video production will keep you competitive in the online world. Still have no video or don’t have a clue how to find a […]

What is the best time to post on social media

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What is the best time to post on social media Social media is always changing with the pace that is extremely hard to keep up with. Even though it is we – brands and users – who drive and push these changes, to be on the same page with every trend and innovation is not […]

Brand presence online: how to build effective visibility

Reading time 15 min

Brand presence online: how to build effective visibility Try to remember the last time you were looking for something online – maybe headphones, something for your home, or clothes. You’ve probably started examining what is out there among brands. You found several of them and compared each one by looking at the reviews, quality, and […]

What is a customer’s journey?

Reading time 14 mins

What is the customer’s journey? To learn who you are and why your product is worth trying, a customer should first receive some critical information about you. It is not given – your look and design can tell a lot about the brand but unlikely will lead to a purchasing decision. This is where marketers […]

What is social media listening?

Reading time 18 mins

What is social media listening? Social media listening is a practice of “overhearing” what people who interacted with a particular company talk about it in the social media space. It is not just listening to opinions. It includes an entire approach with an analysis of online conversations. There are many advantages the brands get thanks […]

What is the target audience and how to find it?

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What is the target audience and how to find it using video and animated videos? Every company is looking for the right customer. The one that would appreciate a brand and have no trouble understanding core values, mostly because they would coincide. Target audience is the specific segment of internet users – customers and followers […]

What is a brand message and how to create it?

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What is a brand message and how to create it? Brand messaging is an important marketing term that is easy to confuse or misunderstand due to its quite wide meaning. Brand messaging includes what and how brand represents on every appearance: social media, website, the way the brand reacts and cares about the subscribers and […]

Video in email marketing: How to make your emails +300% more efficient?

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How to make your emails +300% more efficient with video? Letters have always had a bit of coziness in it. Despite the content, it is something that addressed only to the person that opens it. The nature of it has been preserved in the feeling we get when we open our online letters. People quite […]

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Clutch.co: We Are Proud to Be a Small Business and Support Our Clients

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How Clutch.co helps such companies as Darvideo Animation Studio Our team here at Darvideo Animation Studio has been assisting clients of all sizes around the world with video production, advertising, and other videos. We’ve worked for global clients — McDonalds, Radisson Blu, Huawei Electronics, Samsung, Carlsberg, and more — but today we’re here to highlight […]

Why animated videos work better for services than for products promotion?

Reading time 12 min

When it comes to making a marketing video, you will have two options – live or animated video. Some people think of it in terms of aesthetic and taste. It’s understandable, but hardly practical approach. The thing is that each of these mediums has themes and subjects that are easier to work with. It’s about […]

10 best Animated Explainer Companies Overview

Reading time 30 min

The digital world is always increasing. This fact inspires and stimulates small and big businesses to use video marketing to explain and to present their message to a targeted audience. How about this fact: did you know that video is expected to comprise 80% of web traffic by 2021? These numbers are huge and their […]

What are the best types of content for YouTube brand channel?

Reading time 12 min

YouTube has become a fruitful field where a viewer can find any content. If you are only starting your journey with a brand channel, you will encounter an extraordinary number of possibilities, as well as obstacles and requirements. There is no advantage in doubling content you already made and placing it on YouTube. We are […]

How to create an outstanding video marketing campaign?

Reading time 14 min

There are plenty of misconceptions about video marketing – not to mention that it is not one right way to build it. However, many people believe that video marketing strategy can be something of a side help. When it is the other way around – brands need video marketing as a leading strategy. From 2015 […]

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