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How trends changed the marketing, part 1

Reading time 15 min

How trends changed the marketing Part 1 It’s been a year – quite a hard one – since a new decade of marketing has started. In the previous articles, we were pondering on marketing trends through decades and how they affected the general state of marketing. Today, while looking at the past of marketing, we’ll […]

Animated explainer videos for Sales and Marketing

Reading time 10 min

Animated Explainer Videos for Sales and Marketing Today, consumers have plenty of similar options when it comes to choosing products that will satisfy their needs, so the competition on the market is very high, and making an online sale takes work. Oftentimes, customers don’t know exactly what they want and prefer to explore lots of […]

Animated explainer videos for E-commerce

Reading time 10 min

Animated Explainer Videos for E-commerce Selling products online is rather challenging for e-commerce business because customers can’t physically interact with items and it’s not easy to communicate the products’ true value using plain test descriptions and images. That’s why e-commerce explainer video is becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce brands. E-commerce businesses add animated explainer videos […]

Video as MVP

Reading time 5 min

Video as MVP Indeed, there are many ways to step up into the business, receive funding from investors and start your great company. However, before you get the investors involved, you have to make sure they would be interested in your product at all. How to make them? Anybody who is launching the project for […]

How to run video marketing campaign if you are an owner of a small business

Reading time 10 min

How to run video marketing campaign if you are an owner of a small business Any business at some point has started with something on its way to success. We know how the giant corporations did it in their times, what kind of marketing they used and so on. But, it is different today. If […]

10 best Animated Explainer Companies Overview

Reading time 30 min

The digital world is always increasing. This fact inspires and stimulates small and big businesses to use video marketing to explain and to present their message to a targeted audience. How about this fact: did you know that video is expected to comprise 80% of web traffic by 2021? These numbers are huge and their […]

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