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                              Brand and PR Video

                              Brand and PR Video

                              Well-made branding videos are the way to convey to your audience information about your business and your products. What does the video do?  It shows the nature of your company and allows an audience to see exactly what you offer. It helps people recognize and identify your company easier. In other words, if you want people to buy your services and products, make a branding video that will resonate with your targeted audience. For a few years now,  videos are on the top of shared mediums on all the leading social media people use. It’s proven that if your brand video is capable of capturing attention, people will share it on their social media pages. To give an example of how branding videos can work for your company, take a look at these facts: 90% of internet consumers claim that a brand video helps show them if they need to buy a product or not; 75% of companies raise their marketing budget to spend more on videos.

                              WHY BRAND AND PR VIDEO WORK

                              A branding video is necessary to introduce your company to the audience, to boost conversion, and to reach your potential customers. The significant goal you want to achieve with the brand video is to leave a positive impression. Consumers want to know more about your services and products in order to make a purchasing decision. Thus, to make a brand video means to make a statement about your company; it has to shed light on your product and encourage people to try it. Cater your content to the audience you are addressing. Marketing stats shows that 78% of people say that they made a buying action once they watched brands’ videos that explain a product and convince them to trust the company.

                              Multiple Animated Product Videos for Financial Companies

                              “We needed a way to cost effectively explain the value proposition of a new company and its products in the financial services sector. We had limited time and budgets, and we need a company that could produce a great finished product that looked like a million dollars but cost a few thousand dollars.
                              Create a series of videos for two sister companies that could go on the website and be distributed via social media and through traditional sales channels.”

                              Bruce Law
                              Founder & President, Sprout Marketing

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                              Examples of Brand and PR Video

                              How much does an Brand and PR Video cost?

                              The cost of the branding video depends gravely on the content of the video and technical aspects. It includes the type of video, and the complexity of the client is looking for, duration and mass of hidden details. The average price for a Brand and PR video is $1000, but, again, it can vary due to the already mentioned reasons. If a client urgently needs the video to be made, we will do our best to finish it as soon as possible, but it also one of the main reasons why the price can change.

                              How long does a Brand and PR Video take to make?

                              If you are interested in making proper branding video, we have to tell you that creating one can take time and the work of many people. Approximate production period for one high-quality brand video most likely will take nine weeks. However, that varies; one video can take a few weeks longer than another to finish, based on a variety of factors. In Darstudio.tv, we discuss all the matters and technical aspects before deciding on a deadline. Our team works diligently from the very moment we get the order from our client.

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