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Cars, Logistics and Transportation Video

Cars, Logistics and Transportation Video

Video is rapidly becoming the most effective way to build your marketing strategy. It helps to present your product and services as clearly as possible. Cars, transportation, and logistics industry companies use it in the same way any other industry does: to tell about the brand and corporate culture, to show products and services, to educate people on a current matter. Creating Vehicles, Cars, Logistics Services, Transportation videos are an effective way to explain to general and your targeted audience the most important questions about the work you do. If you want to higher client expectations, it may be very helpful to tell about the strengths your company has and articulate visually how can you help to solve the client’s problems.


With an animated video, your clients, companies, numerous people who are planning to move will get important information on the matter. It’s quite easy to tell your clients, even potential ones, about logistic solutions you’ve made in order to manage delays. Explainer videos in this industry could be a great way to explain how transportation companies has managed difficult situations in the past.

Many companies are trying to present a particular case. For example, to provide a quick tour of companies’ services and how they arranged, or show logistics solutions in work – transportation, packing, and warehousing. Online video presence is of no lesser importance in the world of marketing – it helps to claim your place in the industry.

From personal experience…

“I’m the owner of Wooden Leg Productions, a children’s transmedia company. We write, perform, direct, produce, and create children’s media and merchandise content (toys, books, audio-files, MP3’s, and animations).
We hired Darvideo to do storyboarding and create animation for one of our audio products. Our goal was to produce a pilot to present to major studios. The video is a ten-minute animation that features comedic content, timing, and physical comedy we created. Darvideo captured the essence of the story.
In a few words, Darvideo was responsive, professional, creative, and accommodating at the highest levels. We’ve received numerous accolades and have just been accepted to house our content on a major cell phone app for our city. The only way this project could have been improved is if we had sufficient funds to move faster.”

Tom Hayes
CEO, Wooden Leg Productions

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How much does an Cars, Logistics and Transportation Video cost?

It goes without saying that there is no single business that can survive without a proper video marketing approach. In order to build a working marketing strategy, you should know all your goals very well. Each of them could affect the price: scale, production elements you might choose, style, duration, script. The average price usually ranks at about $1300-$1700 that includes either the professional video you need, or a team of motivated talents. We will be permanently working on your project once your order one and won’t stop until you are happy with the resulting video!

How long does a Cars, Logistics and Transportation Video take to make?

The amount of time spent on the project takes about six weeks. Every project, despite its complexity, can have its issues that are hard to predict. However, our primary goal is to get the work done as quickly as possible. Our team of professionals will be doing their best in order to achieve that goal.

3 main Reasons To Work With Us

Our CEO, Yuriy, explains why you should choose Darvideo Animation Studio

We focus on your objectives

Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

Research & Insights

We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

Our Battle-tested process

It doesn’t create a lot more work for you.

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