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Cartoon explainers

Cartoon explainers

Cartoon explainers are a type of video that helps your clients consume an effective, engaging and memorable video. It speaks about the important concepts that matter to your potential customers and increase your quality of leads by attracting the people that are the most interested in your product or service. Animation is an effective tool that is universal in production circles and has a long shelf life. It lends to a light and easy way of storytelling that will help describe any business or service in the most favorable light.


Cartoon animation is one of the most engaging tools that you can use in your marketing campaign. You can use it to talk directly to your audience and have your characters “act out” your script to increase engagement. Effective use of animation for your company can help increase targeted traffic in methods that regular text-based content cannot make headway in. Including cartoon animation in advertising will bring you many advantages: it keeps people on your site longer while your bounce rate is lower. That means that your users will be spending more time on your website or social media channels, which encourages more shares and likes. Another important advantage is that cartoon animation will bring you more quality leads. If you produce a creative cartoon video that is motivating and appealing, there’s a good chance you will see an increase in leads.

Feralflix Video by Andrew Helms

“Darvideo Animation Studio produced 2D animations for an LA-based video agency. They handled storyboarding, drawing, and motion-tracking, and collaborated with the client to review animation mockups. Their work was extremely well received by the end-client. Their workflow was perfect, and the client commends them for their customer service on top of their actual proficiency in animation.  We asked the studio to storyboard, hand-draw, and place 2D animations on top of the footage. We had lots of tracking motion in the video and complex green screen replacements. Finish the project on time and make the end client extremely happy with the quality of the animation. Their customer service is top-notch. They always get you to the end goal. We storyboarded together, reviewed animation mockups, reviewing the actual animations. It was very timely, in a modern environment, and we kept striving for perfection. Our client gave us extremely positive feedback.”

Andrew Helms

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How much does an Cartoon explainers cost?

The modern production of cartoon explainers is extremely affordable and cost-effective. By collaborating with a professional animated studio, you will get a video with characters and a fully detailed background that will increase your conversion and sales. The average price for the video ranges from $500-$700.  The cost difference comes from variables like duration of the video, script, and type of animation. After you let us know what you’re looking for, we can give you a more accurate quote. Our whole professional team of designers, scriptwriters, motion designers, and more will work on your project to make it the best commercial product to increase your company’s rates and conversions.

How long does a Cartoon explainers take to make?

The factors we listed above will also determine the amount of time it will take to produce your video. The average production time takes from 6 to 8 weeks. Darvideo Animated Studio has created a transparent supervising production model that helps our clients to be as involved and familiar with the process as possible. During the whole process, you can see its progress and results. Collaborating with a team of professionals that have all the resources to create a high-quality piece of content that will help your company boost sales and increase your level of trust with potential customers is one of the best investments you can make.

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