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                              Corporate and Business Video

                              Corporate and Business Video

                              Corporate and Business Video is a production of a video by a company, organization or corporation. The applications of this type of video are boundless; as a rule, the main goal of business video production is to promote the company’s brand, increase its awareness and to introduce some new products or services. However, it has so much more perspective and can be also used in all spheres of your business. Its use is infinite and these videos can become an integral part of your marketing strategy that is inclined to increase conversions and boost sales. Video production is a modern tool that is an effective instrument to engage new clients while drawing awareness to your company’s advantages and new features.

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                              WHY CORPORATE AND BUSINESS VIDEO WORK

                              Training videos, events, live streaming, and many more videos can be used as Corporate or business ones. A corporate video is an example of a simple but catchy production that can bring out emotion within the customer which is vital for grasping your viewers’ attention and making an unforgettable and impressive piece. Another advantage of using a corporate video is to use subliminal messages instead of a direct call to action without making it obvious that your aim is to promote the company’s awareness. To make it a successful one should make a solid concept and script. After determining the video format, it is important to create an outline and fill in the details.

                              Animated Video for Video Production Co

                              “I am the CEO of a video production company in Frankfurt.
                              Darvideo produced an animated short video for us. We wanted to get a well produced animated video in less than six weeks.
                              We had the right feeling from the beginning. The process was very transparent and fast at the same time. Darvideo is a very professional supplier and easy to work with.
                              The project management is communicating clearly and friendly. Deliveries are always in time and the quality is outstanding.
                              We were very happy with the process and the final outcome. The whole video production process was very easy and we always felt in control. The results of the partnership were as promised or even better. They provided an outstanding service.”

                              Christian Muth

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                              Examples of Corporate and Business Video

                              How much does an Corporate and Business Video cost?

                              As long as you strive to create an effective marketing campaign you need to have a clear vision on your budget. The wiser you spend your money, the stronger results you will get. Investing money into the production of instructive videos is a wise decision. The more you explain, the more trust and authority you get in return. An average budget for video making starts from $500 and depends on the client’s request, terms and etc. A whole team of professional designers, scriptwriters, motion designers etc. will work on your project to make it the best video to increase your company’s rates and conversions.

                              How long does a Corporate and Business Video take to make?

                              Depending on the type of explainer video, its duration, the story complexity, and other important matters –the video production time varies. The average production time takes from 6 to 8 weeks. Darvideo Animated Studio has created a transparent supervising production model that helps our clients to be as involved and familiar with the process as possible. During the whole process, you can see its progress and results. Collaborating with a team of professionals that have all sources to create a high-quality piece of content that will help your company to boost your sales and increase the client’s level of trust you make the best investment ever.

                              3 Reasons To Work With Us

                              Our CEO, Yuriy, explains why you should choose Darvideo Animation Studio

                              We focus on your objectives

                              Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

                              Research & Insights

                              We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

                              Our Battle-tested process

                              It doesn’t create a lot more work for you.

                              Animation Corporate and Business Video

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