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                              What is Background (in animation)?

                              Background in Animation is a piece of artwork for the background of moving characters in an Animation clip.

                              It completes the image and puts illustration into context, which helps the audience out visually. And it also enhances your drawing into a composition.

                              The background is the outmost portion of the environment, such as mountains, clouds, trees, or stars in space. The distant element aims to confirm what the mid-ground has described as the environment; combining background can make a strong visual. By using these essentials and perspectives together, we create depth. Be aware that how the elements are arranged is just as important as what is arranged within a scene.

                              Animation with and without background

                              Backgrounds are made advanced as the content and quality of the Animations are changing. A good background makes a good Animation. Colours correction, contrast, layouts, good drawing, and composition make a perfect background. Background designs are the scenery around or on the backside where the animation happens. Once the storyboard has been signed off, we use the storyboard panels as a basis and inspiration to create more detailed backgrounds for each scene.

                              Sometimes we need to use the same background for multiple scenes; in that conditions, a list of all the backgrounds are made which are needed to be designed for film.

                              We create designs that fit the animation style, thinking about texture, color, and light. The background is made before looking into how objects in the background and foreground of scenes will interchange and make sure that things lines up appropriately and that nothing is too distracting.

                              You can see differences when you compare, old Road Runner cartoons to modern TV shows like Adventure Time or Family Guy. Each animated cartoon films, has its unique style, and the background designer needs to create places that can be real and blend into the cartoon’s artistic style.

                              Backgrounds are used in Cartoons, Advertisements, Creative Art, and all the Animations which don’t have a white backdrop have backgrounded.

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