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                              Color correction/color grading/filters

                              Color correction/color grading/filters

                              What is color correction?

                              Color correction is one of the vital parts of a 3D animation in its post-production stage. Color correction, color grading, and/or adding filters itself is an art that plays with the saturation, hue, gamma, luminance, and brightness of the colors in a video.

                              Color correction takes help from powerful software like Adobe After Effects and other tools that help to optimize the image or video and adjust it according to the color, contrast, and brightness needed. It is a combination of technical solutions in a single process that fixes color problems. During this stage, every 3D animation project is usually corrected shot by shot. This requires a lot of practice and an expert pair of eyes. Color correction is used widely in all kinds of images and videos. This is because color, in general, plays a powerful role in creative industries, especially in animated storytelling because of its ability to project sentiments aptly.

                              Color correction in animationSource: Envato website

                              Stages of color correction

                              The process of Color Correction usually takes place in three stages. The first stage is Color Script Animation. It is the mapping out of color, emotional connotations, and lighting of an animated video in an animation studio. The next stage in this process is called Color Correction. During this stage, Animators try to make the colors look real and clean. They try to make the image or video look as believable as possible by covering mistakes, sharpening images, and adding details. The last stage is called Color Grading. After Color Correction, color grading is done to improve the aesthetics and thematic properties of the project. The main aim of this step is to adjust attributes of the image like saturation, color, white balance, black level, etc.

                              Color correctionSource: Premiumbeat website

                              Documentaries and movies that are shot in real locations, make use of color correction a lot to enhance the features of the clips that have been shot. If the actual grass is greenish-yellow, color grading and correcting can make it look greener and hence grasp the attention of the viewer longer by making it more appealing. The right color grading helps convey a specific visual mood that affects the mood incredibly. If you focus on movies based on horror, you’ll find a majority of them to be comprised of darker color tones. Additionally, photographers also use color correcting software in their everyday projects to enhance the scenes.

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