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                              Explainer Video

                              An explainer video, as its name suggests, is a certain form of video content intended to explain something to the viewers. It is widely used in the commercial area with the purpose of concise and clear explanation of some business idea in visual terms. Explainer videos are simple and engaging, which makes them an appealing educational tool for companies wishing to communicate some complex business concepts, inform the clients about special business offers, and to advertise their services as the best in the market.

                              The benefits of explainer videos both for clients and for businesses include their simplicity and short duration. Most explainer video products are focused on the target audience and their particular problems, which makes them highly relevant and helpful for the specific populations. Explainer videos get more and more popular today because they give businesses a great opportunity to explain business ideas in record time and boost the companies’ online visibility because of higher popularity of video content. They increase conversion and build more solid brand awareness among customers. Moreover, such videos feature animated characters for fun and easy comprehension of the material and include branding colors and professional voice-over to create an association with the brand.

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