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Pseudo 3D

Pseudo 3D

3D has become a trendy design in our modern-day. People want to play 3D games, watch 3D  videos. If you were to define 3D, would you? What if asked about pseudo 3D?

Definition of Pseudo 3D

Pseudo 3d is the appearance of an image or video on a 2D surface, but it looks like it is in three dimensions. It is also called a 2.5D.

Full Definition

Pseudo-three-D is known as 2.5D or a three quarter.  It is motion in video or games restricted in 2D surface and cannot access 3D and still appears three Dimensional. It may seem like a tongue twister, but it is not. In a nutshell, it is putting pictures to appear as though they are three-dimensional (3D) when they are not.

Here is a picture that is in a pseudo 3D.

Fun fact:

The origin of pseudo 3D is from the three-quarter profile in drawn portraits. The portraits show a person’s face, partially the front part of the face and his side view. Very interesting.

Where is Pseudo 3D Mostly Used?

Pseudo 3D most use is in the animation of films and music videos, and video games. Also, in animation title sequences.  An example of an anime film that adopted this technique is ‘the kids stay in the picture’.

In anime, pseudo 3D is used to create motion pictures that are neither 2D nor 3D.
Here is an example of a picture:

Where Else is the term Pseudo 3D used?

Pseudo 3D may not be used together in industries other than those that involve illustration and projection. Even so, the term pseudo is not uncommon in different sectors. For example, on the internet, people create pseudo accounts when they want to do something illegal. According to the dictionary, pseudo means fake or sham.

Fun Fact:

Pseudo means fake. If you say pseudo 3d, you are saying phony 3D. To suggest it looks three-dimensional, but it is not. Making it easy to remember.

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