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Educational and e-Learning Video

Educational and e-Learning Video

As you get from the name, Educational and e-Learning Videos are intended to educate your targeted audience (yes, shocking). As a rule, the video is 2 minutes long and it is all centered around your audience’s specific pain points (the problem itself, possible ways to solve it, or it can be any topic highlight that is in interest’s field) and deliver valuable information that is supposed to bring solution and better understanding to any question.

The gain of using educational videos is that your company can easily establish its authority in your sphere, and turn your website and brand into an extremely reliable store that should be revisited again. Educational and e-Learning Video is an amazing and very popular type of content that can develop and increase your marketing plan into new heights.

WHY Educational and e-Learning Video WORK

Positioning, high ranking, dozens of targeted viewers and upgraded brand recognition – are just some of the unlimited benefits from using professionally made Educational and e-Learning Video. There is also a wide range of subject areas that animated educational videos could be applied to as they can easily visualize the textual materials and help students/users comprehend complicated or abstract concepts that much better.

Our main goal is to produce an educational video that will perform and sell. It means that we’re here to create an educational video that will be extremely valuable and important to your audience. Using a fresh and amusing style, bringing clear storytelling and simple solution, we make your video charming and engaging at the same time.

Augmented Reality Mural Animation Experience

“Darvideo Animation Studio provided animation services for a media production company. Darvideo Animation Studio produced new, unique, and groundbreaking content. Their workflow was very streamlined and they communicated well by providing regular updates. Darvideo are the perfect collaborators. It can be difficult to find teams that work this well, with clear communication and effective workflow. Darvideo are real talents that you can trust to deliver to your needs. The best workflow and communication, I have come across. Working in the creativity this is a big statement. I love their process to completing projects. I certainly would not look anywhere else for effective content.”

Watch the Augmented Reality Animation project, made for Perrell by Darvideo.

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Examples of Educational and e-Learning Video

How much does an Educational and e-Learning Video cost?

Pricing questions always include a few vital elements that determine the video’s final price. The most important questions are your video’s topic, its style, duration, script, and how quickly you need it to be done. To talk about the fully customized animated Educational and e-Learning Video its average price usually ranks at about $1000-2000, which includes not only the video itself but an amazing team of professionals. Our scriptwriters, animators, project managers, motion designers and many more, will be permanently working on your project during the whole production period. Once you make a decision to make a proper Elearning Video you will make the best business investment ever.

How long does an Educational and e-Learning Video take to make?

An average production cycle takes about five weeks. As long as any unplanned issues might happen, or some additional amendments need to be done, the determined timing can be postponed. Our main goal is to perform the production at the most effective and quick scheme where the team of our professional can easily collaborate with the client during the whole production period.

Spending a proper amount of time working on video is the key to help us help you create the most amazing and highly professional video that will help your company to perform at its most.

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We focus on your objectives

Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

Research & Insights

We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

Our Battle-tested process

It doesn’t create a lot more work for you.

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