I want video like this


                              How do I know what kind of video I need?

                              Today you can choose among the variety of kinds of videos where you can implement into life numerous ideas and explainer video is one of them.

                              So what type of animated video is the best option for your company?

                              In order to choose a video that will work for your business with utmost efficiency, will help you to launch and advertise your project/service/startup, we first call the client and discuss the most basic points:

                              What is the main goal of this video?
                              What are the deadlines?
                              What kind of video do you like?
                              What are the main features of your product?

                              Here at Darvideo Animated Studio we have done hundreds of videos and we can easily analyze what type of videos will work best for you. Besides, your audience chooses the information they want to see based on how easy it is to process it. The easier the better. Some businesses need animated 2D videos, others need 3D video, some companies can go viral using a video with an interesting story or make a stylish infographic video. We will try to show and explain the advantages of different formats and different types of videos and we will show examples of ready-made videos that may be relevant for your industry.

                              How is the first conversation carried out?

                              It can be a call via Zoom or Skype, or you can write us to our e-mail where we will send you a detailed request.

                              Can I get an online consultation?

                              Video content uses the power of storytelling to build trust and strong relationships with your audience. And yes, we realize that ordering a video is not the easiest decision, and before doing this, you need to figure out what formats and styles of videos there are, how much do they cost, how much time the production takes, etc.

                              In order to make these things more simple for you about what types of videos there are, what type of video will be ideal for your type of business, we offer a free consultation via call/email or through our online chat on the website.

                              Just request a free consultation at Darvideo Animation Studio, and our manager will tell you all the information about the variety of videos, formats, how much time the production takes, how do low-budget videos look like, and do expensive videos look like and what type of video is the most popular?

                              How long will it take to create an animation video?

                              Each type of video has its own standards depending on the client’s general demands. The simplest video production takes from 2 to 3 weeks. But it is important to understand that this is a short video of the simplest level.

                              An exciting, interesting, more customized video, made with a lot of handworks and cool effects, takes from 2 to 3 months.

                              Also, the production time of a video depends on its duration and deadline.

                              If you need the video sooner, we have a special Rush Mode service - where the speed of production is twice higher, but with a higher production rate too.

                              For more information on pricing, go to the Pricing section and select the category that suits you the most.

                              When sending us a letter by mail, tells us how much time we have video production.

                              How long do you need for the video creation process?

                              There are 3 steps in creating your animated explainer video. The specifics are different for each new project, but the information below should give you an idea of how it works.

                              You’ll receive a customized schedule for your project before we start. So most projects are divided into 3 general stages:

                              1. Creation of script and storyboards.
                              2. Drawing art and illustration, and voice-over recording.
                              3. Animation and creation of the final video.

                              Each stage takes 1 to 3 weeks.

                              An average video takes 2 weeks to create a script, 2 weeks for drawing, and 2 weeks for animation. But each of these parameters and each project is assessed individually.

                              After each step, we send you materials in order to receive your feedback. This will allow you to control the workflow and be an active participant in the production process. We want you to be involved in every step of the process because nobody knows the products better than you.

                              You can also check our How it works section to learn more about the process.

                              Will I take part in the creation process?

                              We make sure that every final video we send to our clients is completely great and makes the client happy. So we try to make the production process as transparent and understandable as possible.

                              The more involved you are in the process the more suitable video you will get in the end. There will be a dedicated project manager to your project that will help you through the entire process from the very beginning. He or she will also keep in touch and contact you in case of any milestones and checkpoints such as music, character’s appearance, etc and will ask for your approval after each of 3 production stages.

                              What type / format of animated video can I order?

                              The artists and animators who work in our studio each work in their own style.

                              Each of them is highly qualified in their own spheres like motion design and graphics, or depiction of emotions, and 3D modeling.

                              The range of different styles and video formats is wide enough, and we start any project by choosing the most suitable video format for the client, based on examples of existing works, references, and other similar videos. At the very beginning, we select the most relevant video styles and show them to you. If you already have a video that you like, we can create a similar one.

                              Important: at the beginning of the production, our artist creates a style frame - that is one frame from the future video so that you can see in what style your video will be.

                              What if I don’t like what you deliver?

                              To ensure that the ordered video does not come as a surprise to the client, we deliberately divided the production process into a number of stages and show it gradually: first the script, then the illustration, and finally the animation.

                              Voice-over: the client always selects a speaker from our database, confirms the text, the speaker’s pronunciation, and general intonation. Since the client receives all the materials in the process of work, the final part of the video will not be unexpected.

                              The whole process looks like putting a puzzle together, where you see each individual puzzle before it becomes part of the video, and then give general feedback and approval.

                              In addition, we have some certain rules: we will refund your (100%) before you approve the scenario or the first step of work we do.

                              You can always contact our Founder Yuriy directly to discuss even the slightest issues if you face.

                              Who will be working with me after we start the project?

                              As soon as we are after starting the project, we will introduce you to the project manager. This person will be your main point of contact throughout the entire project.

                              A project manager is a person who will be asking you questions, sending you a fragment of work for approval, answer your questions, and will also be in touch most of the time so that you always stay up to date on what is happening with your project at the moment and when you can expect the next step.

                              Communication with the Project Manager will take place through e-mail and through any messenger of your choice (WhatsApp, Skype, or any other messenger convenient for you). If it is necessary to clarify individual stages of work, we can assign a Zoom or Skype-Call in order to discuss the details.

                              How do I pay for the project?

                              For most projects, the payment is divided into 2 parts - 50% is paid before starting work on the project and 50% after your video is finished, that is when the client is happy and the work is done.

                              In some complex and non-ordinary projects, we can also consider a different breakdown of payment, for example, into three or four parts.

                              You can pay by card online, or to a bank account by invoice.

                              What do you need to kickstart my video?

                              To start working on a project, we need to collect all the necessary information. If it is convenient for you, we will arrange a video call with you and discuss all the details. Otherwise you can also collect all the information and assets and send us via chat or email.

                              We will ask you to write down several key statements about your product, service or project so that we can start writing the script, and our screenwriter could use these statements as the basis for the plot.

                              The work starts on the day you make an advance payment.


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