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                              What is a health and medicine animated video?

                              • It is an effective way to explain complicated ideas, convey difficult concepts to a general audience, and educate the targeted audiences.
                              • Medical explainer videos can be an effective resource for numerous healthcare organizations to instruct nurses and doctors on new practices. You can use it for sales reps that will help them understand and explain new products rapidly.
                              • Healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies can also benefit from the use of explainer videos as a resource for the patient’s information.

                              Why you should create a health animated video for your company?

                              Explain the use of
                              medical products

                              You easily describe/clarify your consumers, nurses or doctors how to use medical products and devices in a bright dynamic manner.

                              Demonstrate yourself
                              as an industry`s

                              Medical animated videos can be used for commercial reasons on TV or network as a key-material to demonstrate your industry leadership.

                              Propose simple
                              decisions for things
                              that matter

                              While making explainer medical videos you can always stay focused on the client’s main pain points, while demonstrating an easy and simple solutions to all the questions that matter.

                              Case study. Health and medicine animated video for Arterium

                              This presentational video gives basic background information and talks about main contributions and achievements of Arterium pharmaceutical corporation in 2018.

                              Video details:

                              Duration: 180 seconds
                              Format: 2d graphics with character animation
                              Type: Animated Explainer Video
                              Client: Arterium (Ukraine)
                              Timing: 20 weeks

                              Notable features from this animated video

                              • This video is mostly about explaining how Arterium works, instead of promoting it

                              • It combines infographic as well as character animation, which makes it easier to percieve lots of information

                              • This animated vid comprehensevily visualize all the data needed for an emplyee, or a customer, as well as business partner for Arterium

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