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HR and Recruitment Video

HR and Recruitment Video

When it comes to recruitment strategies, the traditional approach is no longer as effective as it used to be. Nowadays, if you want to show what your company is doing, what your goals and values, you should consider making a recruiting video. You are always going to need new people. Thus, the recruitment video must be at the top of your hiring tricks. HR and recruitment video at its core is how you present your company to candidates, that may become your colleagues one day. Such a video has only one goal: to attract the ideal applicant. In a recruitment video, you have to show what could make candidates want to work in your company. Like any other type of video in modern marketing culture, a recruiting video must be easily shareable, transparent, and well-made. In the end, it is worth to consider video as a leading part of a hiring strategy.


Practically, a recruitment video is looking for a particular audience: professionals, who will match the company’s culture and its goals. According to studies, job postings with videos are viewed 15% more than those made only with text or even images. If you add a video to the job listing, you may expect 30% more applicants. In the recruitment video, you answer the questions the applicant usually asks: it is a clear message for the candidates. It is also better to make fun and include call action – a link to the company page. How long should the video be? There is a rule that says the shorter the better, and it’s right for HR video too. Do not overstep the boundaries; make it between two and five minutes long.

Animated Video for Video Production Co

“I am the CEO of a video production company in Frankfurt.
Darvideo produced an animated short video for us. We wanted to get a well produced animated video in less than six weeks.
We had the right feeling from the beginning. The process was very transparent and fast at the same time. Darvideo is a very professional supplier and easy to work with.
The project management is communicating clearly and friendly. Deliveries are always in time and the quality is outstanding.
We were very happy with the process and the final outcome. The whole video production process was very easy and we always felt in control. The results of the partnership were as promised or even better. They provided an outstanding service.”

Christian Muth

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HR and Recruitment Video

How much does an HR and Recruitment Video cost?

To calculate how much you could spend on a recruitment video you have to know the details, like length, how quickly you need it, style, whether you have a clear script, etc. It starts at $1000.

How long does a HR and Recruitment Video take to make?

To make it you might need 3-6 weeks. It is better to make it in advance so that the price won’t increase.

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