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                              2D ANIMATOR

                              2D ANIMATOR

                              2D ANIMATOR

                              We’re looking for an experienced 2D Animator to make the magic happen in 2D animated videos and mixed media videos.

                              Darvideo Animation Studio is a pool of professionals that creates animated videos for businesses all over the world since 2010. All our projects could be found here on our YouTube Channel.

                              You might already know that “anima” from Greece language has the meaning “soul”? So, we are searching for a real soulmate, that would become a part of our creative process – an experienced 2D animator.

                              Your responsibilities would be:

                              • Creation of animated videos from 30 sec to 10 minutes
                              • Animating illustrations, graphics, 2D characters at Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate
                              • Regular communication with your project team: project managers, producers, and illustrators

                              What types of projects you will be handling?

                              We work with ambitious startups as well as big worldwide brands, thus, you will have huge professional growth and cool works added to your portfolio as a plus.

                              2d animator examples of work:

                              3 examples of the most popular types of animated videos that you will most likely work on:

                              1. Start-up and high-tech animated videos

                              Ex: https://youtu.be/Pde9ME-xySU

                              1. NGO animated videos

                              Ex: https://youtu.be/LATQl_LWHb8

                              1. Bank and financial animated videos

                              Ex: https://youtu.be/2TNDZ4pKk7o

                              Our team-member-to-be should meet these requirements:

                              • Is a master when it comes to Adobe After Effects and/or Adobe Animate. If you are familiar with extra animation software, that is obviously a plus!
                              • Has a minimum of a 2-year experience in creating 2D animated videos and a portfolio with real cases.
                              • Basic skills in graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator include working with masks, layers, effects, and filters.
                              • Ready for the reviews and healthy criticism, so we could grow together.
                              • Understands the basics of character animation and the ability to put into practice the scriptwriter’s idea. Your characters move naturally and show emotions freely.

                              What do we offer for 2d animator?

                              • Non-stoppable stream of interesting projects
                              • You can work from any spot you like: at home or at our office, from Kyiv or Amsterdam – it’s up to you. You are not tied to the workplace and location at all.
                              • Flexible working hours – create an individual schedule for yourself, organize your working process, due to what`s works for you best.
                              • Professional growth due to your effectiveness, and of course the desire for professional growth.

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                              The animation won’t wait!

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