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                              CG Artist / Illustrator

                              CG Artist / Illustrator

                              We’re looking for an experienced CG Artist / Illustrator to create amazing arts and illustrations in raster and vector formats for our animated videos.

                              CG ARTIST / ILLUSTRATOR

                              Darvideo Animation Studio is a pool of professionals that creates animated videos for businesses all over the world since 2010.

                              All our projects could be found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/DARvideoStudio/playlists

                              Let us illustrate a perfect opportunity for you, the talented illustrator that we are looking for.

                              You see the world around you in vectors?

                              Half a day of illustrating a game rather than half a day of playing a game, huh?

                              Your ideas-bag is like the Hermeine`s cursed extension bag that has lots of stuff in it and never ends?

                              Well, we hope that there are mostly “Yes” in your head and a smile on your face, and we can gladly present you the type of work that you as an Illustrator will handle on your creative shoulders at our team.

                              Your responsibilities would be:

                              • Creation of illustrations for animated videos By a precise storyboard.

                              For example https://www.behance.net/gallery/60269977/How-we-make-great-animated-explainer-videos-darvideo

                              • Creation of vector illustrations for future videos at Adobe Illustrator.
                              • Drawing raster arts in Adobe Photoshop.
                              • Regular communication with your project team: project managers, producers, and animators.

                              What types of projects you will be handling?

                              We work with ambitious startups as well as big worldwide brands, thus, you will have huge professional growth and cool works added to your portfolio as a plus.

                              3 examples of the most popular types of animated videos that you will most likely work on:

                              Start-up and high-tech animated videos

                              Ex: https://youtu.be/Pde9ME-xySU

                              NGO animated videos

                              Ex: https://youtu.be/LATQl_LWHb8

                              Bank and financial animated videos

                              Ex: https://youtu.be/2TNDZ4pKk7o

                              Our team-member-to-be should meet these requirements:

                              • You are a master when it comes to Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator – those are the main applications that we use. If you are familiar with extra animation software, that is obviously a plus!
                              • Has a minimum of a 2-year experience as an illustrator and a portfolio with real cases.
                              • You know how to work with a graphics tablet.
                              • You don’t get terrified when you hear about drawing by hand. That’s not the main, but still an important task.
                              • You know how to work with shapes and colors, so they would look distinct and artistic.
                              • The ability to put into practice the scriptwriter’s idea by your accurate artistic vision.
                              • Following the project deadlines that are usually from 1 – 4 weeks for 1 project.

                               What do we offer?

                              • Non-stoppable stream of interesting projects
                              • You can work from any spot you like: at home or our office, from Kyiv or Amsterdam – it’s up to you. You are not tied to the workplace and location at all.
                              • Flexible working hours – you can create an individual schedule for yourself.
                              • Professional growth due to your effectiveness, and of course the desire to grow professionally.

                              Seems like that`s you? Hit it to the SEND CV- button:)

                              The animation won’t wait!

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