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Marketing and Sales Video

Marketing and Sales Video

Sales and marketing are two business approaches that every company, and brand needs. The sales video is what helps to sell and promote your product. A marketing video is quite different; it creates the whole branding process. There are many types of video and content to choose from for each of these approaches. Basically, each video is the best thing to show the client who you are and what your company produces. It makes the possibility to build trusting and long lasting relationships. Let’s put it this way: marketing videos is what helps to befriend a client and make him believe in your company and product; the sales video is what tells clients what you can offer to them.


When it comes to sales and marketing videos, it is useful to know that using different ways to increase brand recognition and sales you decide to use, the better for a brand. Let’s take a look at several of them. Excellent sales and marketing videos always answer the questions before clients ask it. This is a reason why you should answer all the common questions in a particular video. It will save time for you and your clients! The thrill of encountering the way to solve your problem before asking anybody is priceless for any customer. Marketers suggest that product video is one of the best ways to make marketing and sales video. Some companies use it even on landing pages. It helps to build trust with the client from the very beginning of visiting of page. The video will educate the audience about the product, its benefits, and its features. Consider also adding a video to emails.

Explainer Animation Production for Design Agency

“We needed help with our storyboard and animation for an explainer video. The goal was to have a beautiful illustration and animation.
I liked their portfolio and the people I communicated with were responsive.
Darvideo Animation Studio created a storyboard for a script we had written, and then animated it. They were flexible with edits and the work was beautiful. I hope to collaborate with them again in the future.
Everyone we worked with was flexible, easy to communicate with, responsive, and totally reasonable at every step of the process.
The video is beautiful and we’re thrilled with the final product.
It was great—we got what we needed and they were pleasant to work with.”

Susan Harris
Creative Director, Fluent Studios

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How much does an Marketing and Sales Video cost?

Making sales and marketing videos is the way to invest in your brand.  Today we see that video is the best working tool in any marketing tactic. Our Darvideo Animated Studio will help you to get a high-quality video clip with outstanding content. Before we start working on your sales or marketing video, we discuss every moment and listen to your preferences toward length, design, video style. It is hard to put an exact price for such a complicated thing as a process of video production. If you are looking for an average video price, it starts at $1000-$1500 but it all depends on the complexity and animation style, so it can be calculated individually upon the client’s request.

How long does a Marketing and Sales Video take to make?

Before ordering a marketing video for your brand, mull over several things: the style you want to use, duration, maybe what will be said in the video. Darvideo Animated Studio will make the whole video ready in 5-6 weeks. Our team will work solely on your project to meet your preferences, and make the video its best.

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Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

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We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

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