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NGO and Non-Profit Video

NGO and Non-Profit Video


Nonprofits rely on consistent donations to keep their doors open and their organization’s mission active. The value of an effective video marketing strategy is hard to overrate. With more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. right now, finding and connecting with an audience of potential donors has never been more challenging or more important. Effective NGO videos help potential donors quickly and simply understand the exact value the organization brings to society and how their donation can help.


Understanding how to best present an NGO is vital to the success of online video marketing. A well known international organization should be presented differently than a neighborhood nonprofit, and the marketing campaign should be unique to the needs of each nonprofit and its intended audience. Expertly crafted videos are the best way to reach the right audience, utilizing a compelling story that will result in donations that keep the nonprofit running. It’s, therefore, no surprise that nonprofits use video marketing more than any other means. The primary goal of each video is to tell a story and encourage people to take action. Because most nonprofits work toward noble societal goals, they often use both senses of humor as well as a story that might evoke strong emotion. Telling a compelling story is paramount.

Animation Videos for Escape Room Company

“Our business offers immersive escape rooms for one hour play. This is a game of the mind, so throughout the game players meet riddles, puzzles, hidden objects, surprises, clues, and all kinds of «important» information, each bringing them closer to solving the room.
The purpose was to engage new visitors to the project and provide them with the full filing overview of the quests. The final goal is to entertain the players with a smart and exciting real-life team game
The Darvideo provided the project with a full team of specialists and the project administrator for cooperation with our managers. Also, the team was confirming the results after each stage of video production
The vendors’ team demonstrated their creativity and professional skills while the project administrator coordinated the creative teams’ work in the most appropriate way.”

Roman Shahrai
Escape Room Company

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How much does an NGO and Non-Profit Video cost?

How much does it cost to create an effective, compelling video? Depending on the visual style (2D versus 3D for instance), length and complexity, the price can vary from $700 to $7,000. Other factors include the complexity of the subject matter, the scripting process, the total length of the video and the urgency of the deadline. For an animated video production, you are paying for the experience and expertise of the team as well as “time in the chair” to create the actual video itself. Our team of experts will take great care of you and deliver the best possible video for your budget.

How long does a NGO and Non-Profit Video take to make?

Production time varies and we work with clients who have hard deadlines all the time. Ideally, an effective NGO / nonprofit video takes between five and twelve weeks to produce and involves professional copywriters, voiceover artists, animators, and editors all working as a team to realize a unique vision. Our team is eager to help you achieve your vision and the real world results you count on. Let’s discuss your next project!

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