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                              Anastasiya Kravchenko | Darvideo Studio Illustrator

                              Anastasiya Kravchenko

                              CG Artist | Illustrator

                              Anastasiya the Illustrator

                              Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions along with the high-quality supporting services.

                              INTERVIEW WITH ANASTASIA (8 questions to our Illustrator – Nastya)

                              Describe yourself in 5 words.

                              – Athletic🏋🏻‍♀️, hard-working💪🏻, quick-witted🧠, hothead💥, and powerhouse🔋

                              Describe Darvideo in 5 words.

                              – I can name only one – family:)

                              Name 3 cartoons worth seeing?

                              – The last one that inspired me was “Midnight gospel” – animated series with podcasts on different topics. “Sailor Moon” even though I can’t watch it now, but this one influenced my worldview. “Legends of the guardians” mind-blowing graphics!

                              What pisses you off in your job?

                              – Misunderstanding with clients might happen sometimes.

                              Creative Blitz.

                              Why does the swan have a long neck?

                              – I have no doubts that his neck is long enough to bite people.

                              Why do people have associations that white color is good and black is evil?

                              – People were always scared of the darkness, cause your visual senses can’t do their job. On the contrary, the daylight let us see the world around us with no fear at all.

                              Anastasiya Kravchenko | Darvideo Team

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                              Anastasiya Kravchenko | Darvideo Studio Illustrator

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