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                              Julia Kotlyar


                              Julia Kotlyar – Magical Animation Producer

                              Julia the Producer

                              I love movies and music, and now also animation! I have recently discovered that animation can make any business brighter, more creative, and more understandable. And any thought show with ease and fun. Now I help other people to discover this too. I like to reach win-win while negotiating with our clients and get satisfied feedback every time.

                              Do sales need to learn how to sell?

                              Y: No, definitely, he needs to learn. Moreover, he or she needs to aim that. Still, it`s never about a particular book or training course, the main thing is to analyze what works better for your product and implement that to your working process. We always search for new ways and “catch” the trends somehow. 

                              Do you usually divide the clients into some “types”? And does it change the strategy of your communication with them?

                              Y: Usually, yeah, I do. But not at Darvideo. When you sell via emails, I think, the best thing is to mirror the client’s manner of communicating. In case he/she writes briefly – that`s what I do. Whether he prefers to write a story and only then ask for questions – that`s how I write him back. Of course, there is a lack of real communication to analyze the client in the best way. 

                              What was the biggest fuck-up that happened in these 2 years that you work in Darvideo?

                              Y: I can tell about the regular one – mixing up clients names and e-mails)) Writing “Hi, Mark” when it`s Alice you speaking to, you know)) That usually happens when you have lots of e-mails. When that happens I usually answer that it’s been a long time without vocation and so on:)

                              How do you distract yourself and relax in our quarantine era? Working from home with 2 children might be tough somehow?

                              Y: I relax at work, to be honest. My teammates usually don`t get it, but those who aren`t parents yet will not understand)) Doing your job at work is less of responsibility and energy than parenting:)

                              Our CEO Yuriy mentioned that you have high organizational skills. What is the secret pill?

                              Y: Our working process is perfectly well- organized, Skype won`t let you forget stuff)) For other things, I use a simple Google Calendar. In general, I can suggest:

                              • placing the priorities!
                              • leaving things around you that can remember you what you need to do, so you could see them. 
                              • place alarms for your day with the written tasks. 

                              What is the most important skill for any salesman/ producer?

                              Y: Feeling the client

                              And for any human, what is the most important skill, what do you think?

                              Y: Learning how to love. Doing whatever you do without love simply won`t work. So, loving your life loving yourself, loving your job. 

                              Darvideo for you is…

                              Y: Experience, support, moving forward, community! 🙂




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