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                              Maksym Zaglotskyi | Darvideo Team

                              Maksym Zaglotskyi

                              Project Manager

                              Maks the Head of Production

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                              Short but gold interview with the top Darvideo’s project manager at our team – Max Zaglotskiy:

                              4 years at Darvideo, what’s cool about it?

                              M: First of all, we have different projects all the time: sometimes you work with a small start-up project, at the same time you work with TEDx – it’s never monotonic. One more key point for me is that I adore working with a team where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, to discuss something. It’s a real partnership here.

                              Max, you are a PM at the studio for over 4 years and you can definitely say who a project manager is and what is his job here.

                              M: We rule the whole project process. Since the creation of the project is officially started we gather all the information from the client and share it with the team at all stages of the project. We communicate with both sides – our creative team and the client, so the work could flow effectively. We gather people (animators, illustrators, screenwriters) that will perform best with this particular project. A project manager is a person who uploads the final results and analyzes the feedback from the client as well. 

                              In a deeper look, do you resolve creative tasks? Like generating ideas or sharing your point of view on the particular video?

                              M: There was a time when our team did some brain-stormings when we gathered and did some valid discussion together about how something should be presented or look, the creative part. But now the process is so set up and I simply manage the communication between everyone. Still, I always give advice when something didn’t go as planned or the clients have their revisions done. I usually know how to resolve it without the screenwriter’s help. 

                              Max, what type of project manager exactly are you? What are the key points for you in your job?

                              M: I think there are two types of people here – team-players, who stand for the team interests in most of the situations in projects, and client-players, who are the clients` BFFs for the time of the project. I tend to the first side more, because for me a great result of the project happens when you listen, hear and help your team to create a great project. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

                              Are you feeling responsible for the final result of the project? What happened to that feeling after the 5-year experience? 

                              M: Well, it didn’t progress much, to be honest, and it has nothing to do with the experience. It is hard to find a healthy balance here, cause in every project you work with the creative part that could always be questioned by the client. In other words, the project manager can find the result- indicator that will tell him that «you did well». It could be a final project approval (whether it looks cool or not), it could be a time indicator (whether the project was accomplished in time), or it could be a satisfied customer who enjoyed the results. As for me, the last one is the key-point, as it is the aim of it all. Still, client satisfaction depends. 

                              You are a huge music fan and play the electric guitar in the band, right?

                              M: It already has been 15 years, yeah.

                              Name your Top kind of music for the chill?

                              Sting, Rob Dougan. BTW I am still not sure why the last one has 1 album only.

                              And the Top music for work?

                              I normally play some OSTs from films or games. That’s the best way to not get interrupted in the work process. For example the OST from the «Matrix» by Rob Dougan as well.  

                              Finally,  your music top for inspiration?

                              That is usually some pieces from the films or animated films that inspired me before. Disney and Pixar are good at that. 

                              Maksym Zaglotskyi - Head of Production in Darvideo

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