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                              8×8 Animated Video

                              8×8 Animated Video

                              8×8 Animated Video

                              Everyone wants to provide a great customer contact experience. Still, in reality, customers are more demanding 😔 But you don’t have to be upset, as 8×8 Support Explainer is created for you 😍

                              Enjoy our video, which is focused on the improved customer contact experience provided by the X Series CRM tool 😱 Moreover, X Series is the latest multifunctional product by 8×8 that heavily rely on machine learning and AI solutions.

                              Isn’t it incredible? So let’s turn our video on faster and discover more about it ❤️


                              The video focuses on the improved customer contact experience provided by the X Series CRM tool. X Series is the latest multifunctional product by 8×8 that heavily rely on machine learning and AI solutions.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              ▪ Duration: 120 seconds
                              ▪ Format: 2d graphics
                              ▪ Type: Animated Explainer Video
                              ▪ Client: 8×8 (USA)
                              ▪ Agency: Studio B Films (USA)
                              ▪ Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              ▪ Timing: 8 weeks
                              ▪ PM: Maks Zaglotskyi
                              ▪ CG Artist: Kate Fillipova
                              ▪ Art Director: Sasha Marchuk
                              ▪ Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
                              ▪ Animator: Yuriy Ivanov


                              veryone wants to provide a great customer contact experience.

                              But today, customers are more demanding and have less time.

                              Customer service and support agents need to be enabled to deliver.

                              8×8 X series provides the tools to do it.

                              Customers can communicate in a growing number of ways.

                              Whichever they choose, first contact resolution is the goal.

                              By simplifying the way customers and agents communicate, barriers are removed.

                              Automatically deflecting low value contact drives greater efficiency, giving agents time to focus on a wide range of customer support needs, and provide fast and complete resolutions to meet customer expectations.

                              Engaged agents are central to customer satisfaction and high NPS scores, and want to be empowered to focus on customers’ specific needs.

                              An integrated single interface, which populates customer information instantly, allows agents to focus on building relationships.

                              Automatic reminders prompt agent follow-up, reducing errors and the time needed to resolve case work.

                              Relevant, real time feedback improves engagement, while integrated quality management helps assess and learn from every contact.

                              For managers, immediate visibility into accurate, relevant information accelerates decisions that improve each customer contact experience, including call volumes, response times and customer journey mapping.

                              Speech analytics across 100% of calls enables managers to be proactive. Aggregated analysis identifies what customers want to talk about.

                              Data across every communication touchpoint is the foundation of pragmatic AI and ML solutions, enabling further automation and selection to minimise low value, repetitive requests.

                              8×8 X series provides

                              -the ability to drive first call resolution,

                              -the tools and information that empower agents,

                              -and insights managers need to deliver efficient operations and a great customer experience.

                              X series…improve your customer experience, boost your NPS score.

                              Experience the new speed of business


                              Samuel Defilta 27.05.2022 at 23:08

                              These designs tend to work the most.

                              Onter Ohcert 04.06.2022 at 20:13

                              Wonderful video!

                              Welenn Oshitr 06.06.2022 at 15:04

                              Look wonderful 😊

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