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A Spotify for Meals | #Food

A Spotify for Meals | #Food

A Spotify for Meals | #Food


This video is about a food delivery mobile application.
With ABBEY App you can order food from different restaurants according to your personal preferences. You can create your own menu for the week ahead.

Video details & Credits:

Duration: main 90 seconds
Format: 2d graphics with character animation
Type: Animated Explainer Video
Client: Xiaohuan Li (US, California)
Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
Timing: 8 weeks
PM: Helen Nazarok
Scriptwriter: Oksana Kirichenko
CG Artist: Kate Filippova
Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
Animator: Volodya Tynnyi


Ordering food on your phone everyday is usually tiresome expectedly expensive, and sometimes troublesome, as often you have to wait for your order for more than one hour. Introducing Abbey.today, a Spotify for meals! You fill your profile with your taste, food restrictions and special requests. You can also nominate your favorite restaurants. You choose the days for lunch or dinner, and give delivery instructions. There is no more need to order food after saving the form. The choice of dishes depends entirely on the information in your profile. You receive meals delivered from local restaurants according to your schedule. You enjoy a rotation of old favorites and new discoveries constantly improved by your feedback. Abbey.today is much cheaper than other apps because the food is delivered in batches. A Spotify in meals. Healthy. Simple. Tasty.

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