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                              Adama Lab Video Explainer Animation

                              Adama Lab Video Explainer Animation

                              Adama Lab Video Explainer Animation

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                              At Adama, we strive for a world where everybody has food security, and everybody in farming has a fulfilling and rewarding life. Sounds impossible? Many share this vision with us, but we do it differently.
                              ADAMA UK is a leading global manufacturer and distributor worldwide of crop-protection solutions.
                              The Company supplies efficient solutions to farmers across the full farming value-chain, including crop protection, novel agricultural technologies, and complementary non-crop businesses.
                              In 2013, the Company ranked seventh in the world in the overall agrochemicals industry. The Company is characterized by its farmer-centric approach to product development, and strict standards of environmental protection and quality control.

                              A heritage of nearly 70 years.
                              Agan Chemical Manufacturers founded in 1945.
                              Makhteshim Chemical Works founded in 1952.
                              Headquartered in Airport City, Israel, just outside of Tel Aviv. Regional headquarters in Europe, North America and Asia.
                              Privately held – 60% by ChemChina, 40% by Koor Industries.
                              2013 Global revenue – US$3.07 billion.
                              Americas – 41.4%
                              Europe – 37.1%
                              APAC – 18.0%
                              Israel – 3.5%

                              Over 4500 employees with offices in over 45 markets around the world, serving farmers in more than 120 countries on six continents
                              Seven global product development centres and 19 production sites (synthesis and formulation)
                              Product categories include: Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Growth Regulators, Seed Dressing, Non-crop Products

                              Meet our creative TEAM:
                              Creative Director
                              CG Artists
                              2D and Character Animators
                              Motion Designers
                              Graphic Composers
                              Project Managers
                              Sound Man and Music Composer

                              Writing and Re-Writing the Script by a professional Scriptwriter
                              Creating the Storyboard
                              Drawing Original Characters
                              Drawing Original Backgrounds
                              Recording Voice Over
                              Royalty Free Licensed Music
                              Animation Production
                              Sound Design and Effects

                              Darvideo Animation Studio
                              We create animated stories for marketing!

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