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Arterium Infographics Animation

Arterium Infographics Animation

Arterium Infographics Animation


Arterium Infographics Animation is dedicated to tell about one of the major Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Arterium and showcase it’s main achievements in the last several years.

From client:

We already had similar video a year prior. The main task was to adapt existing video change data and add new information.

Video details & Credits:

▪ Duration: 120 seconds
▪ Format: 2d motion graphics
▪ Type: Animated Video Presentation
▪ Client: Arterium (Ukraine)
▪ Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
▪ Timing: 4 weeks
▪ PM: Maks Zaglotskyi
▪ CG Artist: Alexandra Marchuk
▪ Animator: Helen Galak
▪ SFX: Pavel Drach


Arterium Corporation unites more than 25 hundred employees
Arterium Corporation incorporates Kievmedpreparat – the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of antibacterial medicinal products
and Galychpharm – the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of herbal medicinal products
Arterium Corporation’s companies are certified in accordance with GMP standards
The company maintains leading positions at the Ukrainian market with a 4.4% share
Arterium Corporation sells medicines in 10 markets in the region, as well as in Vietnam and Serbia
The product portfolio covers 11 pharmacotherapeutic groups
The product portfolio includes 150 medicinal products in different forms and dosages.
It includes original and generic medicines
Arterium’s leading products are the original medicines: L-lysine aescinate, Thiotriazolin, Tiocetam, Urolesan and the generics Neuroxon, Ceftriaxon, Mucaltin, Herpevir, Glicised and Chlorophyllipt.
Since 2014 the company operates its own Research and Development Centre which employs over 150 researchers
In the last three years Arterium Corporation has launched 63 new products. Over 190 medicinal products are currently in the
Arterium – Closer to people

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