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                              Beantown Responsibility Cartoon

                              Beantown Responsibility Cartoon

                              Beantown Responsibility Cartoon


                              This cartoon tells the story of Bucky and Betty from BeanTown. This lovely short video that we are responsible for our lives and sometimes it takes only a few seconds to make it better.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              • Duration: 77 seconds
                              • Format: 2d graphics with character animation
                              • Type: Cartoon
                              • Client: Thomas Hayes
                              • Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              • Timing: 8 weeks
                              • PM: Anna Sai
                              • CG Artist: Olena Pashynskykh
                              • Animator: Anton Vahrushev
                              • SFX: Dmitrii Pohrebnyak


                              – Hey, Betty, so nice of you to come down and visit me at the garage. Yes, I’m so excited to see you.
                              – Hey Bucky, I have this soda can in my hands. Is there any place I can throw it away?
                              – Yes, you can throw it away over there in the corner in the trash. Oooooh. What’s the matter?
                              – Your trash is overflowing. What am I supposed to do? Balance it on the top?
                              – That’s Batty’s job and he hasn’t been here for a couple of days. Well, if he’s not here, who else’s job would it be?
                              – Well that usually is Robo but he’s out of commission. Well then who does it?
                              – Well then, I’d ask him to do it cause I’m busy. And then he said, “Well, I’m the boss”.
                              – Well, Bucky, you know what that means. You’re supposed to take the responsibility while everyone else is out.
                              – Do you have a trash bag? Yeah, Betty, they’r right over there in the corner.
                              – Okay, Bucky, watch this.
                              – Did you see how easy that was?
                              – Yeah, Betty, that was pretty easy. Yeah, and it’s not smelly anymore. So, Bucky what’s the lesson you learned?
                              – Well, I guess it’s pretty simple, Betty. When the garbage piles up, I gotta invite you over to the garage! Oooh, no, Bucky!

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                              Karoll 14.03.2022 at 12:53

                              I will definitely show this cartoon to my children.

                              Jake Termond 14.03.2022 at 12:53

                              You have brought the idea to life perfectly. I liked the video very much.

                              Nik jameson 14.03.2022 at 12:54

                              Did you make all the videos yourself?
                              I just want to say that it looks great.

                              Hloe Rabest 14.03.2022 at 12:54

                              I think you need to make videos like this more often. There is a moral here and the cartoon teaches children good things.

                              Golden Mario 14.03.2022 at 12:55

                              Great cartoon!

                              Dominic Simeenster 14.03.2022 at 12:55

                              I liked your cartoon characters. Very high quality and professional. You are the best!

                              Dana Richman 14.03.2022 at 12:55

                              Is this a cartoon series? How many are there?

                              Ronda Morrison 18.04.2022 at 17:35

                              Really cool 😃

                              Larry 19.05.2022 at 14:51

                              I really like your videos. This is one of the best

                              Piter Anist 26.05.2022 at 14:12

                              I like this video of yours the most.

                              Kevin Aluers 16.06.2022 at 14:36

                              Amazing animation)

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