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BeConnected Smart Car 3D Animated Explainer Video

BeConnected Smart Car 3D Animated Explainer Video

BeConnected Smart Car 3D Animated Explainer Video

BeConnected is a unique device designed to improve car maintaining experience. In order to demonstrate all the feature of this device we’ve created a 3D modeled video with simple but illustrative graphics.


Video details & Credits:

Duration: 160 seconds
Format: 3d graphics
Type: Animated Explainer Video
Client: Benish GPS (Ukraine)
Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
Timing: 10 weeks

PM: Maks Zaglotskyi
Scriptwriter: Oksana Kirichenko
CG Artist: Yaroslav Mishenin
Art Director: Sasha Marchuk
Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
Animator: Yaroslav Mishenin


Have you ever thought that the functionality of your car can be brought to another level, make it a real “smart car”?
BeConnected is a universal telematics solution for remote control and car management, and there is nothing that comes close to it.
The device connects to the OBD2 Connector of any car and does not require configuration.
Now you have fast 4G and Wi-Fi Internet connections in your car.
Thanks to the built-in GPS Glonass and GSM modules you can watch the car on the map, get detailed information about each trip and its cost.
If the specified speed limits are exceeded, Bee Connected will instantly notify you. Configurable geozones will allow you to control the position of the car in specific locations at a certain time.
If you are involved in a traffic accident, there are security risks or something is wrong with the car, the system will send a notification with decryption of data to all registered users.
BeConnected is able to assess the quality of driving and to report violations during dangerous maneuvers.
If you are the owner or administrator of the car park, all functions will be as useful for its management. BeConnected allows you to control all the vehicles of the park in the “single window” mode.
Receive real-time information, monitor breakdowns, interservice runs, fuel consumption or inappropriate use of vehicles, and a bunch of other tools focused on the tasks of your business.
Useful assistance in the process of managing and controlling of the car park will be provided by a flexible report generator that allows you to get statistics on specific parameters: mileage, downtime, travel time, speed limits and a number of other parameters, and also get an objective assessment of the quality and driving style of your drivers.
BeConnected will become the foundation for creating unique “concierge services” and “road assistance” for auto importers and dealer networks.
A 24/7 call center will allow you to implement a service scenario on customer scripts.
The information will be consolidated with the dispatcher, and will allow you to contact the client in twenty-four by seven mode, inform about the cause of the breakdown, provide a call for a tow truck or emergency response services. A comprehensive service solution will make it possible to build reverse marketing communication with the client and timely inform about new services and promotions. BeConnected 3D Animated Video shws a unique and indispensable product for car owners and businesses.

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