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                              Control your IT environment

                              Control your IT environment

                              Control your IT environment


                              It is a product video: All-in-one IT infrastructure monitoring tool.
                              Informative and dynamic video that showing that our tool is innovative and good for big companies.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              • Duration: main 60 seconds
                              • Format: 2d graphics + 3d graphics
                              • Type: Animated Product Video
                              • Client: VirtualMetric (Netherlands)
                              • Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              • Timing: 10 weeks
                              • PM: Helen Nazarok
                              • Scriptwriter: Nikita Budantsov
                              • Art Director: Olya Zayats
                              • Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
                              • Animator: Sergey Manzhul


                              Overwhelmed by monitoring a complex infrastructure?
                              Meet VirtualMetric: innovative and hassle-free monitoring solution!
                              Being 100%-agentless it supports autodiscovery, provides more than one thousand easy to deploy counters, and all this with 360-degree observability!
                              Enjoy data intelligence across your whole IT stack with a customizable dashboard, smart alerts, and predictive analysis!
                              Take control of your IT environment with VirtualMetric, right now!

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                              Jekks Liomanter 15.03.2022 at 21:11

                              You have perfectly combined 2D and 3D animation. The video came out great.

                              Dora Elfort 15.03.2022 at 21:12

                              Good job!

                              Kers Dameon 15.03.2022 at 21:12

                              You do great things. Thanks for sharing the result.

                              Samanta Robret 15.03.2022 at 21:13

                              I want to order a promotional video. How can I do this?

                              Vita Weligter 15.03.2022 at 21:13

                              You are the master of your craft. Great job.

                              Ergy Timithy 15.03.2022 at 21:14

                              Professional work. Cool!

                              Ofellia Siter 15.03.2022 at 21:14

                              The animation is very good. What programs do you use?

                              Lenny Tersa 15.03.2022 at 21:14

                              This video is one of the best in your portfolio.

                              Felix Ribben 15.03.2022 at 21:15

                              I liked it very much. Cool job!

                              Taren Hlirts 15.03.2022 at 21:15

                              The video looks very cool. I would not refuse this.

                              Laris Demert 15.03.2022 at 21:15

                              Good enough. Your skills are improving.

                              Dina Barenn 15.03.2022 at 21:16

                              Excellent. Nice combination you came up with.
                              Thoughtful and effective video.

                              Feder Yoles 18.04.2022 at 13:17


                              Larry Sopata 19.05.2022 at 14:51

                              Nice) Very attractive video

                              Semmy 06.07.2022 at 15:42

                              I think so!

                              Tiffany 26.05.2022 at 14:17

                              This animation draws me magnetically

                              Rodney Minout 27.05.2022 at 22:49

                              Looks amazing 😻

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