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Eco Bank App – Burn the Witch Animation

Eco Bank App – Burn the Witch Animation

Eco Bank App – Burn the Witch Animation


This video is about the currency exchange service through the Ecobank application.

From client:

We had to produce an animation explaining video about application that is very handy to those who are at risk of stroke. We’ve received basic script idea with characters’ parts. Then we created illustrations to transmit the ideas of the script and animate them.

Video details & Credits:

▪ Duration: 57 seconds
▪ Format: 2d graphics with character animation
▪ Type: Animated Explainer Video
▪ Agency: Animer Animation Studio. Darvideo has been commissioned to create illustrations and animation by Norwegian animation studio Animer
▪ Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
▪ Timing: 8 weeks
▪ PM: Vladimir Proyava
▪ CG Artist: Sasha Marchuk
▪ Animator: Vakhrushev Anton
▪ SFX: Pavel Drach


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