Groshman Explainer Video

Groshman Explainer Video

Groshman Explainer Video


These four animated ads tell us in which situations Groshman credits can help you.

What we did:

We received the script and had to create 4 funny but short advertise video. After characters being created we illustrate them and made the animation.

Video details & Credits:

▪ Duration: 4 videos up to 16 seconds
▪ Format: 2d graphics with character animation
▪ Type: Animated Explainer Video
▪ Client: Groshman
▪ Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
▪ Timing: 10 weeks
▪ PM: Proiava Vladimir
▪ CG Artist: Pravdokhina Kate
▪ SFX: Pavel Drach
▪ Animator: Kalnyy Dmytro
▪ Script: Groshman


Four different situations where people might need a credit loan. Every story has its happy end because main character Groshman always are the to help with the financial help.