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How to Make a Digital Transformation of Business Center? | #Business

How to Make a Digital Transformation of Business Center? | #Business

How to Make a Digital Transformation of Business Center? | #Business


The client offers an application for business centers. The essence of the application: an access system in a smartphone, the main difference of which is that access can be sent remotely. Access is sent to the guest by the mobile phone number, he is registered in the application and he has a QR code that he scans at the entrance.

Video details & Credits:

Duration: 75 seconds
Format: 2d motion graphics animation
Type: Animated Explainer Video
Client: Distributed Lab (Ukraine)
Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
Timing: 8 weeks
PM: Helen Nazarok
Scriptwriter: Nataliia Prudka
CG Artist: Sasha Marchuk
Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
Animator: Yuriy Ivanov
SFX: Mi100


You have invited a client for a meeting in your office. What happens next?
For the guest to enter, they need to identify themself via registration or meet them down at the lobby.
This means wasted time and very often queues.
We are introducing Sendpass – digital access control system for business centers.
Now the office worker can send the digital pass to their guest using the app by simply entering the guest’s phone number.
The guest receives a message on their mobile phone.
The digital pass is stored in the app and can be scanned through qr code or terminal. Similar to Apple Pay.
The guest scans the pass at the entrance to the reception.
After that, the inviter receives a push notification and can ask to wait or confirm that he or she is ready to meet the guest. The guest sees the confirmation and happily goes upstairs to your office without the need to provide documents, stand in queues or interact with potentially infected people. With Sendpass your guest will always feel like home Innovation starts with people.
Kick off the digital transformation of your business center today

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