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                              How to manage content?

                              How to manage content?

                              How to manage content?


                              This video introduces Brightspot GO platform, that is a content management system (computer software) that other companies use to create and publish content on the web and to other endpoints like mobile apps, wearables, digital signage, etc.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              • Duration: 50 seconds
                              • Format: 2d graphics with character animation
                              • Type: Animated Explainer Video
                              • Client: Brightspot (USA)
                              • Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              • Timing: 8 weeks
                              • PM: Anna Sai
                              • Scriptwriter: Nikita Budantsov
                              • Illustrator: Dmytro Novitskyi
                              • Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Olena Shtepura
                              • Animator: Dmytro kalnyi
                              • SFX: Dmytro Pogrebnyuk


                              We get it. Creating and publishing quality content is hard.
                              Reaching your audiences is even harder.
                              And organizations that haven’t transformed are already falling behind.
                              That’s why we created Brightspot GO.
                              Brightspot GO packages the power of the Brightspot Content Business Platform into a ready-to-build version that makes it easy to create and publish modular content across your content ecosystem.
                              If you’re a developer, Brightspot GO’s GraphQL headless platform lets you build however you want so you can innovate on your content experience.
                              Not a developer? Not a problem. Brightspot GO’s no-dev theme engine and world-class authoring and workflow tools put the power to control your publishing process in your hands, without relying on IT.
                              Brightspot GO gives you the tools to transform your organization fast, supporting your business needs now and in the future.
                              See it. Try it. Build it. GO.

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                              Misha Anoterr 23.05.2022 at 22:15

                              Great advertising. There is no doubt that this is effective

                              Gregory Perck 26.05.2022 at 14:19

                              This is a great video, thanks guys

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