Hussoppen Explainer Video

Hussoppen Explainer Video

Hussoppen Explainer Video


This animated video is an instructional video for to shows tips on how to fight insects in your house.

From client:

We have created the illustrations and made animation of the video following the client’s needs.

Video details & Credits:

▪ Duration: 53 seconds
▪ Format: 2d animated graphics with characters (actually bugs)
▪ Type: Animated Instructional Explainer Video
▪ Agency: Animer Animation Studio. Darvideo has been commissioned to create illustrations and animation by Norwegian animation studio Animer.
▪ Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
▪ Timing: 5 weeks
▪ PM: Helen Nazarok
▪ CG Artist: Victoria Shahova
▪ Animator: Helen Galak
▪ SFX: Pavel Drach


Now you can see the insects’ life and habits close up. We follow them throughout the video and show the reaction to situations in which they finds themselves.