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                              Microbiogen. Evolutionary technology

                              Microbiogen. Evolutionary technology

                              Microbiogen. Evolutionary technology


                              Animated video of Microbiogen technology.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              • Duration: 40 seconds
                              • Format: 2d motion design video
                              • Type: Animated Explainer Video
                              • Client: Microbiogen
                              • Production: darvideo.tv
                              • Timing: 4 weeks


                              At MicroBioGen, we are experts in yeast biotech.
                              Saccharomyces cerevisiae, known as bakers yeast, underpins over a trillion dollars in products per year.
                              Many yeast features cannot be improved through genetic engineering,
                              making it difficult to upgrade or enhance yeast strains.
                              That’s why our evolutionary technology, perfected since 2001, uses selection and breeding to create better, faster and more robust yeast strains, suitable and adjustable for the needs of various industries.
                              MicroBioGen. Evolutionary technology. Revolutionary impact.

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