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Oil Drilling Equipment 3D Animation

Oil Drilling Equipment 3D Animation

Oil Drilling Technology 3D Animation

Video details & Credits:

▪ Format: 3D / 2D Animation with Live Video Shots
▪ Video Purpose: Corporate Oil Drill Technology Promotion Film with the English Voice Over
▪ Duration: 6 minutes
▪ Keywords: Oil Well Recovery, Cavitation, Metallic Cylinder, Cavitation Impulses, Oil Equipment 3D, Oil Pressure, Water and Oil, Oil Fluid, Oil Reservoir, Oil Productive Horizon.
▪ Production Time: 2 months.

Works done:

▪ Script writing
▪ Storyboarding
▪ 3D modeling
▪ 3D Rigging
▪ 3D and 2D Animation
▪ Video Editing
▪ Color Grading
▪ Recording the VO and Music
▪ Adaptation to other languages

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