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                              Overcome Dyslexia Explainer Animation

                              Overcome Dyslexia Explainer Animation

                              Overcome Dyslexia Explainer Animation

                              Overcome Dyslexia Explainer Animation to Promote a Book and a Method to Cure

                              Client: DYSEUROPE Vaincre la Dyslexie
                              Production: Darvideo Animation Studio

                              Dyslexia: DYSEUROPE’s ABC HOME-METHOD is unique. It was designed to enhance the quality of children’s spelling and overcome dyslexia with the active support of parents.

                              The ‘abc-Dyseurope’ method for parents is a pragmatic and pedagogical response to the real problem that the dyslexic child encounters during the learning phase (typically starting at age 7, though the method is fit for all ages).

                              This home-method is met with great success among French and English expatriates all over the world, in particular given that some countries have no system in place to ensure a proper monitoring of French children’s dyslexia.

                              These parents feel supported and reassured to have at their disposal a tool that is not only easy to work with, but is also very efficient in helping their child overcome dyslexia.

                              They often raise bilingual children and benefit from the ability to apply our method in English (adapted in a unique way to the specific needs of French pupils), in French as well as German.

                              Watch also the French version
                              This story is about overcoming the kid’s dyslexia and bringing the kid to a normal life spending just 15 minutes a day.

                              Animation, Cartooning, Video Production:
                              Darvideo Studio

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