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                              Smart pension planning

                              Smart pension planning

                              Smart pension planning


                              Animated explainer video of how Creative Pension Trust helps you to make smart savings for your pension. Basically, it is an instruction to how to organize your future pension in a safe and trustful way.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              Duration: 2 minutes
                              Format: Character Animated Video with Infographics
                              Type: Animated Explainer Video
                              Client: Creative Pension Trust (UK)
                              Agency: Clients First (UK)
                              Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              Timing: 8 weeks

                              PM: Dan Chkalin
                              Scriptwriter: Nikita Budantsov
                              CG Artist: Kate Filippova
                              Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
                              Animator: Igor Kostin


                              Welcome to Creative Pension Trust.
                              If you’ve just joined us via your employer, you might be wondering why?
                              All UK employers are required to automatically enroll their employees into their chosen Workplace Pension to help them save for the future.
                              So why is this?
                              You’ll need your own pension to ensure you have enough money when you stop working.
                              That’s because the full State Pension is very low, and its future value and availability isn’t guaranteed.
                              Without one, not only might you lose out on a happy retirement, you might be left struggling to pay your bills.
                              Saving with us is easy because both we and your employer take care of everything for you.
                              That makes it far easier for you to start the healthy habit of saving regularly.
                              Each pay day, some of your pay is automatically set aside into your pension account where it’s invested to grow.
                              Even if you start with small, regular amounts, they can grow significantly over time.
                              The earlier you start, the more you will end up with.
                              The biggest advantage of your Workplace Pension is that, when you pay in, your employer does too.
                              So, as long as you continue saving, you get extra money which gives your savings a significant boost!
                              And, if you are a taxpayer, the tax man also helps out.
                              If you pay basic rate income tax, for every £20 that goes into your pension, just £16 comes out of your pay.
                              If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, it’s just £12.
                              That’s less out of your back pocket and more into your account!
                              Can you think of another savings account that gives you so much for so little?
                              It’s never too late to start saving but the earlier you do, the better.
                              Find out more at www.creativepensiontrust.co.uk

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                              Edd Amsoung 25.03.2022 at 11:37

                              Time to think about retirement

                              Gaster Emmano 26.03.2022 at 10:55

                              Good job. The video turned out great.

                              Maria Ninosta 20.05.2022 at 21:17

                              It is beautiful ❤️

                              Irishka Ariell 16.06.2022 at 14:34

                              It was great!

                              Oden 25.06.2022 at 15:41

                              This is a good suggestion to think about

                              Gabby Viagros 27.06.2022 at 18:39

                              Lovely video 😍

                              Adre Siutermy 27.06.2022 at 21:59


                              Oliver 27.07.2022 at 14:04

                              video pulls to the level of professional foreign studios

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