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                              The Greatest Escape Trailer

                              The Greatest Escape Trailer

                              The Greatest Escape Trailer


                              The Greatest Escape is a kickstarter project for an animated feature film concept. It is a magical realism adventure movie featuring popular inventors and celebrities of black american culture: Madame CJ Walker, Basquiat, Beyonce, Lebron James, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman. Even though it features these very serious characters, it is going to be rooted in comedy and magical realism.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              Duration: 60 seconds
                              Format: 2d cartoon trailer
                              Type: Animated Video
                              Client: BE&A Dojo Productions (Ariel Rogers)
                              Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              Timing: 16 weeks

                              PM: Anna Sai
                              Scriptwriter: client in cooperation with Nikita Budantsov
                              Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
                              Illustrator: Anna Blagodarnaya, Anastasia Kravchenko
                              Animator: Olha Matiash
                              SFX: Pavel Drach


                              Voice from convention center speakers:
                              “Presenting your annual Ebony Ball!”
                              The planet Earth is in the frame, we see a big signboard on it that reads: “Annual Ebony Ball: Icons, Inventors & Pioneers, Welcome!”.
                              We see planes, trains and cars heading to this sign.
                              We swiftly zoom into a window of the moving train, to a posh train car.
                              Madame CJ Walker:
                              “… one sec. I’m getting a call.”
                              Madame CJ Walker (cont’d):
                              “Hey Whoopie! I’ll see you there is a few hours-”
                              Whoopie Golderg:
                              “The happy pappy boys are using this year’s convention to exterminate all of us! Madame, you in danger, girl.”
                              A white man with a sly grin outside the window, holding a lit bomb.
                              Prof. Cornel West (cont’d):
                              “…our way … out … of this labyrinth of di-sas-ster before those domestic terrorists advance to our prox-i-mi-tyyy.”

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                              Lalla Amirets 10.07.2022 at 23:22

                              Something new on your site, I have not seen similar videos before

                              Maria Nortec 13.07.2022 at 00:36

                              Look amazing 😍

                              Fat Derbo 13.07.2022 at 22:23

                              Hot 🔥

                              Brittany Vilot 15.07.2022 at 15:26

                              Will it be some kind of American movie? Would like to watch

                              Alex 22.07.2022 at 14:26

                              our series are fundamentally different from American ones

                              Piter Aderubo 23.07.2022 at 14:43

                              People know how to come up with plots for serials, I wouldn’t have enough for such a fantasy.

                              Anzek Breshta 26.07.2022 at 21:23

                              Amazing work!

                              Amry Aserkzb 28.07.2022 at 20:19

                              Your work deserves respect from other colleagues

                              Valga Ferish 28.07.2022 at 21:38

                              Great idea for this video 😊

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