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                              The traditions of the best wine | #TerraInitia

                              The traditions of the best wine | #TerraInitia

                              The traditions of the best wine | #TerraInitia


                              Stylish small video about good wine. The main goal was to combine Georgian vibes with the modern approach. We’ve made it from the very start but in tight cooperation with a client.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              Duration: 90 seconds
                              Format: 2d animation with motion design
                              Type: Animated Promo Video
                              Client: WDS (Ukraine / Georgia)
                              Studio: Darvideo Animation (darvideo.tv)
                              Schedule: 7 weeks

                              PM: Maks Zaglotskyi
                              Scriptwriter: Nikita Budantsov
                              Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
                              CG Artist / Illustrator: Sasha Marchuk
                              Animator: Yuriy Ivanov
                              SFX: GSVP


                              A long time ago when it was believed that the Earth rested on the back of three whales, winemaking had already been prospering on the territory of modern Georgia, for thousands of years. That is why we picked the name “Terra Initia” “the land of origin” for our wine. We use only thoroughly selected crops from the best vineyards of Georgia.
                              Most wineries harvest more than eight tons of grapes from one hectare and use every crop, regardless of its quality.
                              We use the crops only in their good years and harvest up to six tons of grapes per hectare!
                              We use only hand harvesting to guarantee that not a single damaged grain gets into the production.
                              Unlike other wineries, we don’t leave our crops under the scorching sun, we immediately send them to the factory, instead!
                              We also have:
                              – a team of experts that check every single batch of wine,
                              – a single bottling per year;
                              – the best wine cork ;
                              – and three months of rest for each bottle.
                              That guarantees the highest quality and excellent taste of international award-winning, genuine Georgian wine “Terra Initia”!

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                              Lebtonn James 18.04.2022 at 17:24

                              Your work looks really good.

                              Miranda Samner 27.05.2022 at 22:18

                              This is a delicious wine, I have tried it.

                              Anna Demorta 26.07.2022 at 22:38

                              Wonderful animation ❤️

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