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                              What awaits you at a new job?

                              What awaits you at a new job?

                              What awaits you at a new job?


                              We have prepared a video about 4 stages that a person can go through when coming to a new company. We are talking about how she integrates into new responsibilities and what are the prospects for her development as a specialist.

                              Video details & Credits:

                              Duration: 5 minutes
                              Format: 2d graphics with character animation
                              Type: Animated Explainer Video
                              Agency: Zoo Content (US, Los Angeles)
                              Production: Darvideo Animation Studio | darvideo.tv
                              Timing: 7 weeks

                              PM: Helen Nazarok
                              Scriptwriter: Nikita Budantsov
                              CG Artist: Kate Filippova
                              Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Alyona Shtepura
                              Animator: Dmytro Kalnyi


                              The video describes in detail each of the 4 stages that a new employee goes through. The possibilities of interaction are described between colleagues.
                              It is worth paying attention to the variety of characters in the video.
                              There are heroes with disabilities; there are also heroes who differ in skin color and gender.

                              Would you like such a video for you?

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                              Ochester 27.05.2022 at 23:15

                              I didn’t think I’d find such a useful video on your site. Thanks for the advice and tips

                              Orgen Fouiret 16.06.2022 at 14:38

                              I like it 😊

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