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Аeron: Saving people`s lives

Аeron: Saving people`s lives animated explainer video showcases the significance of particular information during any air trip.

Everybody knows that for a safe flight it is necessary to take into account many important technical parameters.

However, few people think about the importance of information. Reliability of information for aviation is the foundation of safety.

That’s why it is so important to trust only the most accurate data for the total safety control and providing the highest standards of in-flight comfort.

Aeron unites flight schools, airports, service organizations – all qualified providers of essential information in unified blockchain system, making the information accessible, transparent and as clear as the skies. Aeron’s aim is to save people`s lives.

Created by a talented team @ Darvideo Animation Studio (darvideo.tv)

#air #flight #travel #darvideo #animation #explainervideo

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