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Perfect Inbuilt Louvers Character Animation

Perfect Inbuilt Louvers for your home and office.

It is a 2d animated cartoon about the family guy who wants to solve the problem of too much light in his home.

Together with his Red Cat he starts his travel to the Perfect office to learn about new inbuilt louvers.

However, the Red Cat is probably the main acting character in this story…


Darvideo Animation Studio
We create animated stories for marketing!

  • Client: okna-perfect.com
  • Marketer: Vitaliy Grushetskiy
  • Production: Darvideo Animation Studio
  • Producer: Yuriy Polyashko
  • Production manager: Victoria Aleksandrova
  • Art Director: Dasha Urvachova (Dashikka)
  • Animatior: Timur Seifutdinov
  • Composer: Anton Sergeev
  • Music: Olexandr Ignatov
  • Sound: Pavel Drach
  • Categories: 2D
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