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                              Social Media Video

                              Social Media Video

                              People share thousands of video links on social media, which helps brands and companies to be noticed more often, and even go viral. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, produce and improve videos based on what your client likes best in each specific network. Social media videos can get more likes and shares than text and static images combined. This type of video assists to encourage more views, tags, and comments, which can help you get noticed on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To make an effective social media video one should have a defined purpose: if it is important to boost engagement to your website or introduce a new product line it is important to prepare the creative and catchy script and image.

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                              Cartoon Characters Sitting on the Sofa - Social Media Video

                              WHY SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO WORK

                              As long as social media videos are placed on social platforms, every company will raise its conversions and sales. Consumers want to see videos about your business, services and products before they click on your website. A video can have a big impact on consumer habits and needs. A right-placed video can induce your audience to learn more and drive traffic to your website or shop. A variety of colors, fonts, music, flexible style, and brand design tools can adjust your video’s aspect ratio to optimize for YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. Marketing Analysis show that 78% of people claim that their buying decisions have been influenced by brands’ social media videos that highlight a product or demonstrate its specific feature. Any informal or entraining social media video can be more genuine than an ad, and boost people to click “buy.”

                              Augmented Reality Mural Animation Experience

                              “Darvideo Animation Studio provided animation services for a media production company. Darvideo Animation Studio produced new, unique, and groundbreaking content. Their workflow was very streamlined and they communicated well by providing regular updates. Darvideo are the perfect collaborators. It can be difficult to find teams that work this well, with clear communication and effective workflow. Darvideo are real talents that you can trust to deliver to your needs. The best workflow and communication, I have come across. Working in the creativity this is a big statement. I love their process to completing projects. I certainly would not look anywhere else for effective content.”

                              Watch the Augmented Reality Animation project, made for Perrell by Darvideo.

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                              How much does an Social Media Video cost?

                              A high-quality social media video takes time and effort. An average production period can take about 8 weeks. Every project is individual, as many issues can arise and every production stage has its own matters and questions. Six weeks is a minimum that is necessary for video production. If you are looking for an effective and selling social media video, you need to allot for two months at least.

                              How long does a Social Media Video take to make?

                              The price of your company’s social media video is decided the moment all technical details and issues are thoroughly discussed. Depending on the type of explainer video, its duration, the story complexity, and other important matters, price can vary. If you are looking for an approximate price of video it can start from $500. The price includes the whole production process where the team of professionals will be working on your video. Darvideo Animated Studio is a team of professionals that are very devoted to their job. We have all sources to create a high-quality piece of content that will help to boost your sales and increase the client’s level of trust.

                              Our 3 Reasons To Work With Darvideo

                              Our CEO, Yuriy, explains why you should choose Darvideo Animation Studio

                              We focus on your objectives

                              Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

                              Research & Insights

                              We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

                              Our Battle-tested process

                              It doesn’t create a lot more work for you.

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