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                              Software Feature Video

                              Software Feature Video

                              Software Feature Video is a type of video that gives your users a detailed, guided tour of how your software tool looks and works. That is why the way software video shows everything is more engaging to your audience than screenshots alone. Sequentially companies use such videos to showcase a composed, technical product from all angles to make it understandable for all clients. And a detailed overview describes a specific solution that helps to simplify and or solve user problems. Last but not least, it is not necessary to make an intriguing script, instead it is important to focus on specifics and show it in the most favorable light for the customer.

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                              Why software feature videos work?

                              A great advantage of software feature videos are that they demonstrate how it solves a problem. As well as convince viewers why they need to buy your product. Companies use a Software Feature Video, or overview videos, for marketing. Also for customer and employee support goals as well. In turn, that helps to attract new clients and push greater conversion for websites. The simple and detailed overview allows the customers to get a quick glimpse of how to save time and money. The key feature is also to see all the advantages it offers. It is also a powerful sales tool because they are memorable, informative and educational in that helps a user to make a sale and close the deal.

                              Explainer Animation Production for Design Agency

                              “We needed help with our storyboard and animation for an explainer video. The goal was to have a beautiful illustration and animation.
                              I liked their portfolio and the people I communicated with were responsive.
                              Darvideo Animation Studio created a storyboard for a script we had written, and then animated it. They were flexible with edits and the work was beautiful. I hope to collaborate with them again in the future.
                              Everyone we worked with was flexible, easy to communicate with, responsive, and totally reasonable at every step of the process.
                              The video is beautiful and we’re thrilled with the final product.
                              It was great—we got what we needed and they were pleasant to work with.”

                              Susan Harris
                              Creative Director, Fluent Studios

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                              How much does an Software Feature Video cost?

                              Companies that integrate videos into their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints have a stronger advantage to stay ahead of their competitors. That is why investing in your own brand and awareness is a good idea. For example, an average video price starts from $500 or $1000 depending on video type, its length and complexity level. Darvideo Animated Studio team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. As a result, what you get in the end, is a ready-made high-quality video that will increase your sales and conversions.

                              How long does a Software Feature Video take to make?

                              If you’re planning to order a Software Feature Video, a good start is to think over a brief general tone and style for your video. Darvideo Animated Studio will make the whole video from 6 to 8 weeks. We will create a unique design, an intriguing script and engaging message that will bring you new clients. Depending on issues that may arise during production, deadlines can be postponed, but any amendments or changes issues are discussed with a client beforehand.

                              3 Amazing Reasons To Work With Us

                              Our CEO, Yuriy, explains why you should choose Darvideo Animation Studio

                              We focus on your objectives

                              Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

                              Research & Insights

                              We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

                              Our Battle-tested process

                              It doesn’t create a lot more work for you.

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