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Startup video


A startup video is a short animated clip that presents a business idea simply and engagingly. Animation helps to convey information about a product in uncomplicated terms. In 1 or 2 minutes, the company can clearly show its work and values to the customers. The ideal length for a startup video is somewhere between 60 and 90 seconds. The straightforwardness is key. In these videos, brands use features that can make it as memorable as possible, such as: a positive approach, cartoon characters, colorful background, and humor.



Startup videos help a company not only to present itself but also to build brand awareness and recognition. That is the reason why many companies in their startup video utilize their main brand colors. In startup videos, companies use mostly visual means to introduce customers with an idea, and animation works perfectly for it. It is so easy to understand partly due to classic three staged narrative structure.

This type of video is often used in email marketing and social media platforms.

Animation Videos for Escape Room Company

“Our business offers immersive escape rooms for one hour play. This is a game of the mind, so throughout the game players meet riddles, puzzles, hidden objects, surprises, clues, and all kinds of «important» information, each bringing them closer to solving the room.
The purpose was to engage new visitors to the project and provide them with the full filing overview of the quests. The final goal is to entertain the players with a smart and exciting real-life team game
The Darvideo provided the project with a full team of specialists and the project administrator for cooperation with our managers. Also, the team was confirming the results after each stage of video production
The vendors’ team demonstrated their creativity and professional skills while the project administrator coordinated the creative teams’ work in the most appropriate way.”

Roman Shahrai
Escape Room Company

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How much does an Startup video cost?

When it comes to pricing, there are so many details that may change it completely. If you think about it, every little thing may be extremely important – from script to style. The average cost for a 1-minute startup video is between $700-$5000. Our professional team of animators and project managers will create a video based on your vision. Once you decide to use our help, it will be a great investment in your future success.

How long does a Startup video take to make?

To get your startup video ready usually takes 3-6 weeks. However, every day is vital. Even if you go slower for only one day, it will ruin the pace for the whole video production. We keep that in mind and do our best to get every project done as soon as possible. The startup video is made from scratch and requires an entire team of professional animators, scriptwriters, designers, and more. Since this video is made for a specific audience, it must include necessary restrictions. Six weeks is the quickest reasonable period to create an outstanding, polished startup video for your business.

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