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                              Terms & Conditions

                              About the sequence of productions stages and applying the corrections

                              Subject of the agreement:

                              1. This contract is two sides agreement about the order of the working stages in video making process.
                              2. The key stages that should be approved by the Client.
                              3. The next stage of work starts after the revisions of previous stage done and it’s 100% approved.
                              1.The main state: Each stage of video making process must be revised and approved once. After the stage is approved, there is no opportunity to revise the same stage again. It is very important for efficient work and project delivery on time.
                              2. Important: If the Client breaks the stage sequence, the cost of the project raises. Unplanned return to the previously approved stage involves extra working hours of the team, which implies extra cost. The Studio Project Manager is responsible for keeping the right order of working process.
                              3. For Client’s feedback, we provide 2 working days for every stage. If within 2 working days we do not receive any feedback or corrections from the Client.
                              4. The Client can send 2 rounds of corrections on every stage. More revision rounds are possible for additional cost.

                              The order of the production stages:

                              Stage To be approved
                              1. Creative
                              · Writing script
                              Script (Word)
                              2. Pre-Production
                              · Making the storyboard
                              · Making the moodboard
                              Storyboard (script, divided into scenes with character’s action description and black&white sketches) (PDF) Moodboard (key scene made in color vector format, representing the visual style of the whole animation) (Jpeg)
                              3. Drawing the characters and backgrounds
                              Audio – Recording the Voice Over (VO) and music
                              Illustrations of all the characters and backgrounds (Jpeg)
                              4. Animation
                              · Animatic
                              Video in format of a draft animation accompanied with audio (Mp4)

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