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Video Infographics

Video Infographics

What is the best way to represent visual data in a comprehensive and original form? It’s proven that infographic videos are the best way to achieve this. For a while now, infographics have been an outstanding way to present complex data. Because of this, it’s an effective marketing tool. In an animated infographics video, you can sort chaotic information in several blocks and convey it clearly to the audience. It is very flexible – it can be in a video made of mixed animated or video styles. It goes without saying that infographics video gives you a new perspective on a particular matter and makes it more engaging.


If your video is lacking clarity and can be potentially confusing to viewers, it’s not an effective marketing tool. To help simplify matters, you should consider adding infographics. It will make your message more vivid, entertaining, and informative. Where to apply it? Any marketing video will win with infographics – commercial, promo video, recruitment, or presentation video. Many companies use it to widen their targeted audience. Another advantage is how you can get your message across in a shorter amount of time – even 10 seconds can be long enough to present some data in basic infographic blocks.

Feralflix Video by Andrew Helms

“Darvideo Animation Studio produced 2D animations for an LA-based video agency. They handled storyboarding, drawing, and motion-tracking, and collaborated with the client to review animation mockups. Their work was extremely well received by the end-client. Their workflow was perfect, and the client commends them for their customer service on top of their actual proficiency in animation.  We asked the studio to storyboard, hand-draw, and place 2D animations on top of the footage. We had lots of tracking motion in the video and complex green screen replacements. Finish the project on time and make the end client extremely happy with the quality of the animation. Their customer service is top-notch. They always get you to the end goal. We storyboarded together, reviewed animation mockups, reviewing the actual animations. It was very timely, in a modern environment, and we kept striving for perfection. Our client gave us extremely positive feedback.”

Andrew Helms

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How much does an Video Infographics cost?

A 60-second infographic video can cost anywhere from $700 to $5,000. That’s the average price if you hire an agency. The cost of an infographic video depends on many factors: style, length, the scope of the video production service, script, and lots of other nuances. Take into account the fact that if you want to get it ready quicker, that will also add to the cost.

How long does a Video Infographics take to make?

Since the making of an infographics video is a several-steps procedure, it can take some time. A 1-minute illustrated video could take 2 to 4 weeks to produce. From our end, we can say that we always try to get the work done quickly, without sacrificing quality. If you decide to use our services, you can expect to receive a fantastic result at the end of production.

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